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The articles/news items and commentary posted here have been gathered from various sources in the public domain.  Although some of the information gathered may not put the courts in a good light, it has been posted not with the purpose of intentionally discrediting the courts or the judges, but only to show what citizens are really saying about the family court system.  In reality, many of these postings are a reflection of the mood of the people in relation to the family justice system and all those in the justice system should take note.

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The Most Dangerous Terrorist Group - the lawyers

(August 11, 2005) An article written a well known motivational speaker, Irwin N. Graulich, about the destruction of families by the lawyers and judges.  This group of people who call themselves lawyers and judges present a huge threat to society as we know it today because the lawyers have managed to turn terrorism into a form of legal art intended to reign destruction on innocent children and families .  The lawyers, not Muslim fundamental terrorists, will be the ones who destroy our present day western culture.

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Mother stabs husband while he is in bed and then stabs children say police
(December 4, 2004) Read this article about the mother who stabbed her husband while he laid in bed and then killed to of her three children and then took her own life.

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Spa day for killers has Toronto Police Chief Fantino enraged
(September 5, 2004) It would seem that women who have murdered cops and kids get the special treatment when they go to one of Canada's women's prisons.  Child murderer Marcia Dooley and cop killer Mary Taylor were just two of the very violent women who were treated to a nice relaxing spa, given a manicure and pedicure while in jail for murder.  Corrections Canada, with Anne McLellan at the helm, even had a harp player come in and give the convicted murderesses a soothing serenade to relax them.  With treatment like this, women will be killing more kids and more cops just so that they can get put into one of Canada's beautiful and relaxing female jails.  It's just one more reason why Canadians are loosing faith in our Justice system.
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Judge's sentencing for sex crimes against children under scrutiny

(May 25, 2004) From CBC news service.  Native Indian leaders are angry about the 5 year sentence suggested by the Crown for BC Judge David Ramsay who pleaded guilty for sexually abusing young native girls.  If it had been anybody other than a judge, the Crown would likely have requested much more jail time.  Could the fact that the person who committed these child sex abuse crimes was a judge have anything to do with light sentencing suggested?  Canadians must wonder if there one set of rules for those in the system and one for those Canadians outside of the system.

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Kenora police framed murder charge

(March 22, 2004) From the Globe and Mail.  Read Kirk Makin's article about how some police officers with the Kenora Police got caught suppressing evidence in a murder investigation to protect a relative of one of the police officers. Luckily, another Kenora Police officer, Constable Dan Jorgenson, stumbled upon the suppressed evidence, braving the anger of his fellow officers by tipping off the Crown.  Our hats off to Constable Dan Jorgenson for standing up for justice and doing what was right..

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Government must stop funding the National Action Committee (NAC)

(March 15, 2004) An article written by social justice writer Rosemary Underwood of Ontario, Canada about the hopeful demise of the radical feminist organization, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. Many Canadians claim that this radial group has been wasting taxpayer's money for years pursuing an agenda that is detrimental to Canadian children and their families.  Many claim that many of the bias anti-father policies of the family court system are the result of the influence of NAC.

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Mother complains about Niagara Family and Child Services (FACS) leaving children unattended in van in their parking lot

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(January 2004) Listen to an audio tape segment of a mother who had her children taken into care by FACS in St. Catherines, Ontario.  The mother said that the the workers did nothing when the mother found her 3 youngest children left alone in a FACS van in the parking lot at the FACS offices with only an 11 year-old in the car to watch the youngest children.  Parents would likely be cautioned for this but not CAS workers it would seem.

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Trash talking rarely wins child custody battles: lawyer

(Jan 2004) An article published in the Burlington Post newspaper regarding the presentation of Gene Colman at the January 2004 meeting of the Family Justice Review Committee held in Burlington, Ontario.

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Lawyer guilty of perjury"
Judge rejects Maroon's explanation of documents

WINDSOR STAR, Wednesday, December 03, 2003 

Disorder in the courts
If judges want to make policy, they should disrobe and run for office,
Calgary Sun, June 15, 2003

Ex-JP'S sex Charges Dropped, Toronto Star, June 11, 2003

Crown under fire for asking students to leave courtroom
Ottawa Citizen, March 6, 2003

Why I must fight our morally corrupt family court system
(February 8, 2003) An article written by a Burlington, Ontario father who points out that all Canadians must stand up and fight the bias and corruption of Canada's  family court system.  This father stood up and made his point by making a citizen's arrest of a judge in the Milton, Ontario court. (PDF format - from the Canadian Family Forum files)

Recipe for a JP - The Globe and Mail, December 31, 2002

Want to be a justice of the peace? Just apply - The Globe and Mail, December 30, 2002

Lawyers sue to boost legal aid - Edmonton Journal, August 12, 2002

A Supreme Democratic Deficit -  National Post August 12, 2002

How To Pick Judges - Editorial - National Post August 10, 2002

Cranky judges lash out - National Post, Saturday August 3, 2002

"Four-year delay in Baby Sophia inquest prompts new law for Manitoba judges" Canadian Press, ( various papers ), Friday, Aug. 02, 2002

Lawyer blasts publication ban of murder accused   The Toronto Star,  July 27, 2002

Quebec judge chastised for heroin remark - Toronto Star, July 27th, 2002

Murder accused allowed to hide behind court ban. Toronto Star, July 21, 2002

In this court, it's 'do as I say, not as I do' - Ontario Court Justice Eleanor Schnall
National Post,  by Christie Blatchford, May 30, 2002
November 8, 2002
Couple awaits repayment from Children's Aid and is awarded $212,000 in damages.

Bad Mommy - Good Daddy!
Posted Aug 2000) An article written by the brother of a loving father and his child in who are being destroyed by  a vindictive mother with the help of Canada's family court system.
Source:  Stefan Krieger, freelance writer from Ontario
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Oath of lawyers prevent them from acting in the best interest of the children
(Posted August 2000)  An article written by a person who sees how members of his family are being negatively affected partly as the result of the actions of the family law lawyers.
Source:  Stefan Krieger, freelance writer from Ontario
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Child support for adults nothing more than a court sanctioned “Fraud Racket”
July 10, 2000 - An article written by Dori Gospodaric of Toronto about how non-custodial parents are being forced to pay for children who are grown up adults and that this policy is nothing but a court sanctioned and government sponsored "fraud racket" against non-custodial parents(PDF format - from the Canadian Family Forum files)

Young child forced into women's shelter crying to see daddy!
(Posted August 2000)  From the Canadian Family Forum. An article about abuse of a child involving the support of a local women's shelter (Ontario).
Source:  Canadian Family Forum
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Is Canada's Justice Minister responsible for the destruction of children?
(Posted July 2000)  A one page poster questioning what part Canada's Justice Minister, Anne McLellan may play in the destruction of children by our family courts.  File has graphics so please allow time to download.  This is a good article to fax of to your local Member of Parliament.
Source:  Submitted from Unknown Source in Alberta
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Words of Wisdom from one judge about domestic violence
(Posted July 2000)  An article written based on an interview with an Ontario judge.
Source:   Ted Greenfield, Oshawa, Ontario through Canadian Family Forum
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Child support for adults nothing more than a court sanctioned "Fraud Racket"
(Posted July 2000)  An article written about how parents are being forced to pay "child" support to custodial parents of children who are no longer children, but grown adults and working. These adult children are being taught the skills by their custodial parents about how to lie, cheat and abuse the system.
Source:   A second spouse - Toronto, Ontario Canada through the Canadian Family Forum
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Did this boy kill himself because of Canada's adversarial family court system?
(Posted July 2000)  His parents were in the middle of a separation and divorce when this 12 year old boy killed himself.  Did Canada's adversarial family justice system play a role?
Source:   Contributor Unknown
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Please help to make the courts protect me from my mother's abuse!
(Posted July 2000)  A poster from a 13 year old girl, Sarah Hughes of New York State, who had to flee with her younger sister and their father from her abusive mother.  It is another tragic story where the courts and the justice system would not take any action against an abusive mother.  The failure of the courts to take action against the mother has only led to more and more abuse by her against her family.  For a link to the website created by Sarah's grandmother of New York State click here to go to website.
Source:   Sarah Hughes of New York State
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A brave boy and his sister abused by their mother tell their horror story
Here is an article about an 11-year-old boy called Arthur and his 9-year-old sister. They were being abused so badly by their mother and the court system that they went on the internet to fight back. They were literally held captive by their mom who had the full cooperation of the corrupt courts and unethical lawyers.

Copy this article and pass it out to friends and children who are being alienated from a parent by their custodial parent.  Arthur's website which was active until 2000, unfortunately is no longer an active website. We hope that Megan's life has turned around for him and his dad.

Evidence of experts has played a key role in miscarriage of Justice
An article from the Criminal Lawyers Association in Canada.  It shows just how terribly wrong these so called "expert" witnesses can be.
Source:   Criminal Lawyers Association (Canada)
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Legal System Protects its own
An article out of Reader's digest.  Read how a dishonest lawyer from Ontario by the name of Ed Hastings ripped off his neighbours in his community out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Mr. Hastings got caught, Judge Webster made the lawyer serve time at home (likely watching TV).  This crime was supposed to carry a maximum of 10 to 14 years in jail.  It very unlikely that if any of the common citizens had committed the same crime that they would have got the same punishment.   As Reader's Digest points out,  the lawyers and the judges often do protect themselves rather than ensuring true justice for Canadians and their families.
Source:   Readers Digest
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Fathers lose in family court because of judicial interpretation says respected family law lawyer
Respected Toronto family lawyer Gene Colman states before a public audience that his fellow members of the Bar must help put an end to injustice in our family courts.  Mr. Colman said that it time for Canadians to speak up for justice for the benefit of Canadian children and their families.
Source:   Canadian Citizen's Free Press - Canada Court Watch
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Judicial complaint against Justice Mendes Da Costa of the Hamilton, Ontario court
Here is a recent complaint against judge Mendes Da Costa of the Hamilton Unified Family Court.
Source:   Hamilton Area Parent
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Hamilton lawyer under investigation
A Hamilton area lawyer is being investigated for his involvement with a vindictive Hamilton area mother.  This lawyer had a live in relationship with his female client while he was acting as her lawyer during false sexual abuse allegations by the mother against two of her former spouses.  The mother is now moving on to hubby #7 after alienating the children from their natural fathers.  One hubby alone pays almost $40,000 in support per year.  It's no wonder Canadians are rapidly losing respect for courts and lawyers.  It's also a shame why the other lawyer and those at the Law Society of Upper Canada stand by and let this kind of unethical behavior continue within their ranks.
Source:   Citizen's Free Press - Canada Court Watch Report
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The family court picture book
A visual description of how many citizens see the workings of our family courts.  It's the kids who really are getting a raw deal from the judges and family law lawyers.  This article was posted on the website that a young boy named Arthur and his sister Meagan constructed themselves!  There are lots of graphics so give a few minutes to download.
Source:   Arthur and Meagan's personal website
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The great Canadian family holocaust
An article about the Canadian Justice system prepared by a group of Canadian citizens fighting abuse of children and families by family law lawyers.    A troubling message for all Canadians.
Source:   Spouses against lawyer abuse
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Another Canadian writes to Mike Harris about the destruction of families
A parent who has moved from Ontario to the USA with mature children still living in Canada writes a letter to Mike Harris and Ontario's MPP's about Canada's family courts. After raising his family in Canada he and his wife remain worried about the future of their male children in Canada after seeing the destruction of families by the courts and government.
Source: An Ontario parent
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