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From the hundreds of complaints and news items received each week, Canada Court Watch selects a few of the quotes received via audiotape or videotape and posts them on our website. Unfortunately, due to space constraints of the website we can only post a few  of the many audio files in our files.  Audio files are posted in MP3 audio format to minimize file sizes. These audio files can be downloaded down on your own computer by clicking on the right button of your computer mouse and then "save target as" to download to your own computer.


Typical BS dished out to the citizens of Ontario by courthouse staff!

(February 22, 2006)  Listen to this audio clip from an interview with a parent describing the BS that was dished out to him this day by the court staff at an Ontario Courthouse.  This is typical of the type of BS that the citizens of Ontario are being subjected to every day in courtrooms across the Province of Ontario.  There is little justice for the citizens of Ontario in their own courts. Why can't our public officials realize that upholding the intent and spirit of the law is to everyone's benefit, including their own.

Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 1 min 50 sec)

Another mother's story of abuse by an Ontario CAS agency

(Posted March 21, 2005) Listen to this short excerpt of an interview with an Ontario mother describing how the CAS workers have told her that because of one mistake in the past, she cannot have a boyfriend in her life because CAS workers cant trust her to make her own choices in life.  Listen to this mother tell how CAS workers make this mother strip her baby down, including the baby's diapers and then tell everyone except the mother to get out of the home so that there are no witnesses to what the CAS do in the home when they are alone with the mother and her child.

Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 1 min 19 sec)

Did this York Region CAS worker get caught telling a lie?

(Posted March 8, 2005) Listen to these two short audio clips from messages left on one father's answering machine on two separate days.  On the first message, a York Region CAS worker left a message advising the father that she had "instructed" this father's ex-wife to not allow the father to have access to his son.  After the father send in a complaint letter to the York CAS, shortly after the letter, the CAS worker quickly changed her tune and called the father back and left a second message on the father's answering machine in which she told the father that she had never stopped the father from contacting his son.   Listen to the two recorded messages and be the judge yourself. In your opinion, did this CAS worker get caught telling a lie? At the time that this worker left these messages on the father's answering machine, she was not even licensed to work as a social worker in the Province of Ontario.

Clip 1 - York Region, Ontario CAS worker says that she has "instructed" the mother not to let the father have access to his son.

Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 47 sec)

Clip 2 - York Region, Ontario CAS worker says in a follow up message that she had never stopped the father from contacting his son.

Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 39 sec)

One mother's cries for freedom from oppression by the barbaric and inhumane CAS.

(Posted February 16, 2005) Listen to this short excerpt of a speech given by a Toronto area mother before a crowd in front of Queen's Park on February 16, 2005.  During her speech, this mother says that the government must stop allowing the CAS to trample on people's rights and from ripping babies out of the care of mothers. She told the crowd that the CAS is nothing but a barbaric and inhumane organization.

Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 1 min 05 sec)

Archbishop Dorian Baxter addresses public rally outside of Queen's Park about the Children's Aid Society.

(Posted February 16, 2005) Listen to this short excerpt of a speech given by the Archbishop Dorian A. Baxter before a crowd in front of Queen's Park on February 16, 2005.  Archbishop Baxter told the audience how one lawyer in Ontario told him that we do not have a system of justice in Canada but a legal system with enriches those who work within the legal system.  He also describes how the Durham CAS was found guilty in curt of gross negligence, incompetence and malicious prosecution.

Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 1 min 37 sec)

Ontario's Children's Lawyer, Clare Burns refuses to answer simple request for information from a taxpayer of Ontario

(Posted December 17, 2004) Listen to this audio clip of a response from the Office of Clare Burns, Ontario's Children's Lawyer, in response to one taxpayer's request for information about a court appeal that Clare Burns had launched. Most citizens in Ontario would believe that public servants should be serving the taxpaying public and would believe that government paid representatives such as Clare Burns should be helping the citizens of Ontario whenever possible, rather than throwing barriers up in front of them.   The request that was made of Clare Burns  was a very simple one - to provide the caller with the date and location of an appeal that Ms. Burns had spoken of in the Milton, Ontario court on December 16, 2004. This should not have taken Ms. Burn's office any more than a few minutes to obtain.  But rather than help this taxpayer with a simple request, listen to how Clare Burns, our Children's Lawyer, responded.  It's no wonder that people get fed up with these bureaucrats who spend our money and feel that they don't owe service to those who pay their salaries.

Link to MP3 audio file response from the Office of Clare Burns (Running time: 31 sec)

Girl's testimony regarding child protection workers coming to the chlld's school

(Posted November 2004) Listen to this audio clip segment from an interview with a a young girl whose family is being monitored, but not under care or protection, by a children's aid society in Ontario.  During the interview, the girl describes how much she loves her family and cannot understand why her mother and her siblings are  being harassed by child welfare protection workers.  In this segment, the girl describes how embarrassing and humiliating it is to have workers come to her school.  This girl said child protection workers should stop the practice of doing interviews at children's schools.


Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 1 min 56 sec)

Women's shelter workers brainwashed my kids to lie and to be violent

Listen to this former women's shelter resident describe how her children were brainwashed by social workers and workers with the Ontario women's shelter. Listen to her describe how her children were told that they have "rights" in Canada and that secrets are to be kept from their parents.  Sounds just like what Hitler did to the children in Nazi Germany during the Second World War in his youth corps where children were encouraged to turn in their own parents.

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Women's shelter workers forced medication upon my son against my wishes as a parent

Listen to this audio segment of a taped interview in which a former women's shelter resident describes how her son was being forced by women's shelter workers to take anti-depressants against the wishes of his mother.  The mother reported that her son was becoming violent after taking the anti-depressants but when the mother wanted to stop the medication because of the adverse side effects, shelter workers came down and forced the boy to take the antidepressants.  What is so shocking about this incident is that the boy's mother was a medical doctor in another country and although she had a good understanding of the side effects of the medication on her son, unqualified workers at the women's shelter told the mother that being a doctor in another country did not give her the right to make any medical decisions about her son, even if she saw that the medication was having undesirable and adverse affects on her son.

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I was assaulted in the women's shelter but was not allowed to call police

Listen to this audio segment of a taped interview in which a former women's shelter resident describes how she was threatened and assaulted in front of her children by other women residents but that she was not allowed to call the police to report this.  She reported that she other women fight in the shelter too much and that this involved screaming and pulling hair.  This woman reported that women who come into the shelter must sign a document which prevents them from calling the police without the permission of the shelter.  Of course the women's shelters want to place this restriction so as to hide violence perpetrated by women and to not affect the reputation of the shelter by having police come out all the time.

Link to MP3 audio file

After 6 years of successful separation, my wife only began litigation after she started dating a lawyer!

Posted Sept 2004) Listen to this father describe how litigation started up after his ex-wife had started dating a lawyer and become involved in a social circle of lawyers. Prior to his ex-wife dating the lawyer, he and his ex-wife had managed to successfully live apart and deal with issues involving the children without any court involvement. It was only after she got involved with a lawyer did things heat up. What is so tragic about this case is that this father was the custodial father of another child of 12 years of age at the time, whose mother had previously passed away. Yet the stepmother, under the guidance of lawyers in her community, began to create hardship for this father and his young daughter. Through litigation, the lawyers managed to strip this father's assets away from him so that he was left almost penniless and on social assistance to raise his older dependant child. The courts refused to acknowledge the father's first child and forced the father into poverty, leaving him with very little money to support his first dependant child. At the time of this writing, the father had been taken to court over 24 times and is still facing court again.  The pattern seems the same in most family law cases - matters only get worse for families once lawyers get involved in the picture.
Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 54 sec)

A woman's letter to a medical professional associated with the CAS
(Sept 2004) Listen to this mother read part of a letter she reported to medical professional associated with the children's aid society. In her letter she describes how children were being abused and one boy raped while in the CAS facility. She and her son were threatened and told to remain silent about the abuses.  This truly is a testimonial from hell about how some of the CAS workers treat children while in care and how it is claimed they cover up their actions. The mother said that the doctor never replied to her letter and the system closed down the group home where this abuse was going on, most likely in an attempt to hide the truth about what was going on from members of the public.
Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 7 min 06 sec)

Judge Brownstone of the Toronto court is one of these guys who rips everyone to pieces in his court

(Posted Sept 2004) Listen to what this social worker, who has appeared in Justice Brownstone's court, has to say about this Toronto Area Judge.  It seems that even those child protection workers who work in the system and who work with Justice Brownstone talk behind his back and say that he is one mean-spirited judge.

Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 15 sec)

Lawyers and the Law Society are like weasles and only protect themselves

(Posted Sept 2004) Listen to this one man's comments about lawyers and the Law Society of Upper Canada after he spent over $40,000 in legal fees only to get screwed in the end by the family court system.  This man calls the lawyers and the Law Society as "weasles" who protect themselves.

Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 54 sec)

An interview with a former resident of an Ontario women's shelter
(Posted August 8, 2004) Review this collection of audio files extracted from a lengthy interview with a former resident of a women's shelter funded by the Ontario Government using our hard earned tax dollars.

Link to index file of audio clips

The FRO can run roughshod right through your life - workers should be wearing brown shirts with little red arm bands - you're guilty until you prove yourself innocent
(Posted July 2004) Listen to what this Ontario Lawyer has to say about Ontario's Family Responsibility Office. According to him, they run roughshod right through people's lives. He feels that the FRO is so abusive that its workers should wear brown shirts with red bands just like in Nazi Germany.  This one lawyer feels that with the FRO you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent.
Link to MP3 audio file (Running time: 54 sec)

Family Court has been a 25 year horror for me says Mississauga family court protestor
(April 17, 2004) Hear what this 64-year-old father has to say about the family court system. For him it has been a 25 year battle from hell.  Even though his youngest child of his first marriage is over 30 years of age and he has not seen his children for years, this father has vowed to join protesters from KEAN Canada in the Halton-Peel region of Ontario, to carry on the fight against the family court system for the rest of his life.  This father was interviewed while protesting at the corner of Winston Churchill and Dundas St. in Mississauga, Ontario. Should anyone be interested in obtaining a copy of the video clip taken on the day of the interview then please contact us for more information.
Link to MP3 audio file

One phone call per day or I will call police and have you arrested
Listen to this mother yell and scream at a father for returning his children's calls. Even though the mother was not at home when the children were speaking with their father, the mother considers it as harassment if the father speaks to the children even if she is not at the house with the children.  This conversation shows the kind of abuse that many good loving fathers have to endure as a result of vindictive ex-wives who know they can use the police and the court system to their advantage and to threaten and control their former spouse and their children.  The children in this case were terrified to use the phone at their mother's home in case their mother found out.  The mother in this case was covertly taping the children's conversations with their dad while she was out to work and checked the call display when she came back.  Even though the children wished to speak with their dad on the phone while their mother was out, this was forbidden by this most vindictive and controlling mother.
Link to MP3 audio file

A 14-year-old girl's abusive call to her grandfather
This tape recording is of a 14-year-old girl from Ontario who has been alienated against her once-loved grandfather by her mother and maternal grandmother.  This recording demonstrates some of the terrible things done to grandparents when the grandchildren have been brainwashed so badly by an abusive parent and family that they become conditioned to hate members of their own family.  The language coming out of this young girl's mouth is absolutely unbelievable and demonstrates that this girl is one very sick individual who likely in the future will become an angry and disturbed partner in her own adult relationships.   Yet, family courts often turn a blind eye to the causes of this sort of behaviour and allow children to remain under the care and control of hostile-aggressive parents who literally poison their children's minds at a young age.  It's no wonder we have a generation of children growing up who have no respect for authority or for other people, including their own parents and grandparents.  Like vicious dogs, these children have been conditioned by one hostile and aggressive parent and family to hate those on the other side of the child's family tree.
Link to MP3 audio file

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