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The following is a collection of articles of interest published by Court Watch under the banner of the Canadian Family Forum.  The Canadian Family Forum focuses on general issues relating to social and legal issues in Canada. Due to limited space, only a limited selection of these articles are posted.  For those who wish to have access to articles which are not available on this website, then  please contact us direct at

Ding Dong the wicked witch is gone!

(July 30, 2008) While not having a house fall on her head as did happen to the wicked witch in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”, the one person who many referred to as Ontario’s wicket witch of family law, Ms. Clare Burns, is being moved out from the position as the Children’s Lawyer of Ontario effective August 1, 2008.

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The Golden Compass - an epic story about the systemic abuse of children

(December 30, 2007) The new movie recently released, The Golden Compass, is a must see for anyone who has been adversely affected by the child welfare system in Canada. An excellent movie well worth seeing. Child protection agencies, lawyers, government and/or the church and the role they play in the abuse of children has been cleverly portrayed in this cleverly scripted allegory.  It's no wonder why some authorities are trying to ban the book and the movie.  Read the just released article about the new movie on the Canadian Family Forum.

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Canadian children being robbed by the courts of a fundamental aspect of growing up - their dads!
(August 17, 2007) An article written by justice reporter, Tom Thompson, about the crisis facing many children today who have been stripped of their dads by Canada's family court system

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Peel Board of Education stereotypes boys and men as perpetrators of abuse and girls as the victims
(May 24, 2007) - It has been learned that the Peel District School Board outside of Toronto is promoting a program called "Breaking the Silence" in which boys and men are being stereotyped as being abusive while girls simple victims.  Some parents, including teachers have indicated that this sort of program should not be in the schools as it stereotypes the genders and provides misleading information to both teachers and students. Schools should be a place where children get an education, not get indoctrinated into the agency of special interest women's shelter groups.
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Attorney General of Ontario must be joking about fairness in our courts
(January 31, 2007) An article written by Canadian justice advocate Jeremy Swanson from Ottawa Ontario. According to this article, it would seem that Ontario's Attorney General, Michael Bryant, has absolutely no clue as to what is happening to children and families in Ontario's family courts.  To many citizens of Ontario, especially loving fathers, justice in Ontario's family courts is nothing but a joke.  Some members of the Law Society of Upper Canada have also expressed their concerns that Ontario's family justice system has become out of control and unaccountable to the people of Ontario.
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Conrad Black's problems no worse than those facing Canadian divorced dads
(January 20, 2007)  An article written by Canadian lawyer and former business and ethics professor, Grant Brown, DPhil (Oxon) LLB. about the hardships facing fathers in Canada's biased family courts.
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Refusal to lay charges against teenage girl by Barrie, Ontario Regional Police sends the wrong message to area teens
(January 19, 2007)  Read this article from the Canadian Family Forum about the teenage girl in Barrie who made up a story about being sexually abused in the girl's washroom at her school but was let off the hook by the local police without being charged.  Many parents would wonder that if it had been a boy, would the police have given the same consideration and not pressed charges.
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Due Diligence: Romance, love and the Pursuit of Happiness!
(Dec 22, 2006) Article published in the Canadian Family Forum about the financial implications of marriage in Canada by Peter Merrick, President of Merrick Wealth Management. There are many pitfalls facing those who do not take the time to educate themselves about the implications of marriage or living with another person.
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Is this dead family yet another victim of Ontario's "Zero Tolerance" policies for Domestic Violence?
(April 5, 2006)  An article published regarding the recent murder-suicide of the Mailly family from the Ottawa, Ontario region.  Chances are that this family would still be alive today if the Province of Ontario did not have "zero tolerance" domestic violence polices on the books.  Clearly, Zero Tolerance laws are failing Canadian families.  It's time to scrap Ontario's draconian zero tolerance domestic violence laws once and for all.
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As a reminder to how fathers are pushed into despair by the domestic violence system, here is a link to a short video of how Ralph Hadley was pushed by the system into a corner as described by Criminal Lawyer Walter Fox who was one of the lawyers at the Hadley Murder-Suicide inquest.  Ralph Hadley murdered his wife and then killed himself.  The full 1 hour video featuring Walter Fox is available from Court Watch for a nominal charge at
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Witch Hunts still alive in Massechusetts!
(Posted Feb. 10, 2006). A tidbit from south of the border.  Read how a young 6-year-old boy is the victim of a modern day witch hunt by over-zealous school officials.  By the way these school officials acted, they must have received their training at the CAS offices here in Canada.
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Political dirty tricks - false sex abuse allegations traced back to Liberal campaign office
(Posted Jan 21, 2006) An article published on the Canadian Family Forum about how false sex abuse allegations, which are normally used in the realm of family court, were used in what would appear to be an attempt by a key Liberal supporter to smear the reputation of a local Conservative candidate, Maurice Vellacott.
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What ever happened to democratic reform in Canada?

(Dec 12, 2005) Read the article written by Canadian Justice Advocate, Peter Cornakovic, in the upcoming issue of Canadian Family Forum in which he writes about Canada's democratic deficit and the erosion of the Rule of Law in Canada.  With Canadian judges making their own laws and bypassing the Parliamentary process, many would say that Canada is quickly heading down the slippery slope towards tyranny.

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Children's Aid Agencies must be more accountable says Ontario's Privacy Commissioner

(July 15, 2005) In a report released in June of 2005, Ontario's the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ann Cavoukian, recommends that the Ontario government make broad additions to the scope of the province’s freedom of information and privacy legislation.  Her recommendations would include making changes to the law which would make a number of publicly funded organizations more accountable to the public, including the Province's publicly funded Children’s Aid Agencies.

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It's time for Canada to stop destroying its families
An article written Justice writer, Eeva Sodhi, about how the Families are being destroyed in the name of "the best interest of the child"
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Oath of lawyers prevent them from acting in the best interest of the children
An article written by a person who sees how members of his family are being negatively affected partly as the result of the actions of the family law lawyers.
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Young child forced into women's shelter cries for her Daddy!
An article written by a parent who watched his daughter suffer while she is mistreated in the women's shelter and only wants out of that place to see her daddy.
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