The following is a posting of some of the selected pieces of correspondence that have been sent by organizations under the N.A.P.P.A. umbrella. Responses to correspondence may also be posted where it may be felt informative to readers. To conserve server space all documents are posted in pdf format only.


Canada Court Watch makes submission to CFSA Review Committee

(January 29, 2010) The Ontario government has only very recently requested for submissions to help in making improvements to the child protection system in Ontario.  The deadline for submissions was the end of January 2010.  While time did not permit a more comprehensive review of existing legislation, Canada Court Watch has made a submission containing a number of recommendations which will help improve the child protection system in Ontario.  A copy of the submission can be viewed at this link:

Link to Court Watch submission

CAS workers must be screened for illegal drug use!
(December 7, 2006) - The National Chairman of Court Watch, the Archbishop Dorian A. Baxter, writes to Minister Mary Anne Chambers about the abuse of illegal drugs by CAS at the Hamilton "Grape Expectations" fundraising event.  In his letter to the Minister the Archbishop Baxter has suggested that all CAS workers be required to subject themselves to periodic drug tests as a condition of employment.  The recent arrest and conviction of CAS worker, Sarah Villella, for running guns and drugs clearly show that steps must be taken by the Ontario government to ensure that criminal elements do not get a foothold in any of the province's CAS agencies.
link to letter to Minister Mary Anne Chambers

Archbishop Dorian A. Baxter's letter to Ontario's Minister of Children and Youth services re threats by CAS workers against children and parents

(Dec 12, 2005) Read this latest letter from Archbishop Baxter regarding complaints by children and parents about being threatened by CAS workers in the Province of Ontario.  Court Watch gets many calls from children and parents complaining about abuse of power and authority by CAS workers.  CAS workers are fighting to the bitter end to keep themselves from being accountable by threatening or intimidating parents and children who want to use recording devices record their meetings with workers.  Workers do not want to have any evidence of what was said at meetings so that they can twist what was said in meetings to their own advantage.

Link to Archbishop Baxter's letter in PDF format


April 04, 2005

In follow-up to complaints from members of the public about an unlicensed social worker with the York Region Children's Aid Society, Archbishop Baxter has sent a warning letter to the CAS worker involved.  To give the worker an opportunity to improve the way she serves the public, her name has been blackened out on this letter.

Link to letter to York Region CAS worker dated April 4, 2005.


March 21, 2005

In follow-up to complaints from members of the public about unlicensed social workers causing problems with children and families, Archbishop Baxter has sent a letter to the Ontario College of Social Workers regarding the qualifications of members of the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Agencies (OACAS) committee which has recently made recommendations to the Ontario Government for even more government money.

Link to letter to Ontario College of Social Workers March 21, 2005


February 28 2005

A letter from the Attorney General of Ontario, Michael Bryant to the Archbishop Dorian A. Baxter regarding Ontario's new domestic violence risk assessment tool. The main problem it would appear is that Ontario's new domestic violence tool only seems to consider violence against women by men and does not consider violence against men and children by women.  It would appear that Ontario's new risk assessment tool is very biased and discriminatory against men in the Province of Ontario.

Link to letter from Michael Bryant dated February 28, 2005


January 31, 2005

Letter from the Archbishop Dorian Baxter to the Attorney General Of Ontario, the Hon Michael J. Bryant regarding transparency and accountability of the courts.  Copies of recent complaints regarding the justice system have been enclosed with the letter.

Link to Attorney General letter of January 31, 2005


May 4, 2004

Letter from the Archbishop Dorian Baxter to the Attorney General Of Ontario, the Hon Michael J. Bryant regarding proposed changes to court procedures. In this letter it has been suggested that court endorsements from Judges be reviewed and approved by all parties before the judge leaves the court in order to catch any errors and omissions which the judge may have made in his hand written endorsement.  Errors made by the Judge, if not corrected at the time of the court hearing,  can have a devastating effect on the rights and freedoms of those Canadians involved as well as cost taxpayers and the parties involved, thousands of dollars in additional costs.

Link to Attorney General letter of May 4, 2004 (not responded to as of March 2005)