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Welcome to the Canada Court Watch website. This website has been created to help protect the public's interest in the administration of Justice by informing members of the public about matters relating to the justice and child protection systems in Canada.

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  1. All visitors to this website agree that all information posted on this website is for the personal information of other readers of this website.  Unless information posted in this website is clearly in contravention of a specific law, all information contained on this website is considered as information of interest exclusively for readers of this website and that no information is to be downloaded and/or used against anyone in any court or child protection proceeding.

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Complaints about information posted on this website:

If any reader to this website has a complaint about any of the information found on this website, then a complaint is best dealt with by forwarding it in writing to State the nature of your complaint and your contact information and the link to the particular post or web page which contains the information you wish to complain about.  Complaints can also be made by phone to the phone number listed on our contact information page, but written confirmation via email will be requested to ensure the validity of the complaint.  Your complaint will be reviewed by a complaints committee and appropriate action taken to remove or edit any information should your complaint be found to be valid.