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Tuesday, February 03, 2004 12:56 AM


Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to know when you are going to dedicate a program to the Anti-Male Bias which is rampant in the Family Courts in Britain, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Belgium and all over the World as a matter of fact.      I can give you a complete list of countries if you wish.

If there has been a program recently, please let me know when it was broadcast and how I could obtain a copy.  I will ensure judges view it as I know almost all of the judges personally in this city after 17 years of sheer hatred and acrimony with my ex-wife in our Toronto Family Courts.  The Executive Director of the Family Responsibility Office in Ontario also knows me well. 

For your information, there is one Judge whom I saw regularly for 5 of the 17 years.  I had to schedule temporary replacement judges when he was away on holiday.  Some judges literally hate me, yes, hate me.  I have lost count of the total number of judges I have seen.

There is no Member of Parliament in Ottawa or Queen's Park, Toronto, that does not have at least one of my letters, most have many letters over the years.  The past Prime Ministers and Premiers along with many other MPs and MPPs have multiple letters from me.  Some agree with my recommendations (in writing) but nothing ever gets done.  Ministers just come and go.   Why is nothing ever done?  Is it because they are all on the "Gravy Train?' 

I am a very famous person in Canada now [and not by choice].  Dennis Mills, MP, turned quickly away from me to avoid any questions when I spoke to him on Danforth Avenue in December 2003.  I am a thorn in his side. 

Mr. Jack Layton, MP and Leader of the NDP Party has not answered my letter which I gave him personally early in January 2004.  I really think that he does not know how to answer my letter without getting into trouble.  My questions in it were after all pretty direct, honest and genuine, to say the least.   

Some of the staff at the Court buildings and the Government offices really think I work there!  I had to help a judge word his court order one day.....!   I had to correct a lawyer on the difference between an "Application" and another type of "Motion" recently.  I was right.  The lawyer was wrong.  

I am even greeted by the regular staff and Security Guards with, "How are you today Mr. Lear?"  Very nice people they are, and I feel as though I have known them all of my life.  Maybe I have?  Maybe I have seen more of them than I ever saw of my Children?   Strange, is it not? 

Some of the staff give me jokes about judges and the court and cartoons they cut out of newspapers for me.  Some of the staff said they would never get married after seeing how I have been punished.  They don't believe the punishment. 

I even left the courtroom by ambulance one day and I was rushed to St. Michael's Hospital.  Somebody told me I would eventually die while in court.  They were almost right that day (but my ex-wife and I are not yet finished in court, this could last another twenty years or more and I could very well die in the Courtroom).

The local Pharmacy told me not to die yet because they would go bankrupt if I did.  What a cost to the Health-Care system.  My ex-wife and I combined have multiple doctors in the double digits but there again, Canada has a bottomless pit of money for Health-Care (or so I am told).  My advice and complaints are ignored.  My ex-wife's and my own poor health problems are directly caused by our ridiculous Family Court system.

My ex-wife has had an awful lot of lawyers too, [do not ask me how many] and some have gone grey, and grown old while this litigation goes on, and on, and on.

The PC Ontario Attorney General last year, the Hon. David Young, told me that, based on Canadian Law, our divorce litigation could last a total of 60 years (or more), dependent upon if one of us dies.  However, it may go on after we are even both dead I guess.  Now there is a nice thought.  Lawyers need jobs.

Five minutes to get married and more than 60 years to get divorced.

Are Lawyers and Judges going to get rich at the emotional and financial expense of my Children, my Grand-children and my Great Grand-children?  Well they already have, driving their luxury cars and living in beautiful homes "ON MY FAMILY'S MONEY".  Nothing less than despicable.

I live in a small rented damp basement with massive debts after working 70 hours a week for 40 years.

No wonder Canada has a deficit with all of these judges and lawyers to pay.

I am a Family Court "veteran" and I know the whole truth, not just little pieces.  Ask Ben Gordon what he thinks of the Family Courts.  He was in court with me one day.  His case is very tragic.

Check out the web-site: http://victoria.tc.ca/Community/MensCentre/bookdvrc.html     The book is about Ben and called "The Divorce from Hell" by Wendy Dennis.  Every man should read it before getting married.  After reading it, no man will ever get married or have children.

I always hear about the "Domestic Violence Against Women" and about "Deadbeat Dads" but these are only fragments of the entire problem.  There is also "Domestic Violence Against Men" and there are also "Deadbeat Moms" but the latter two are forever "swept under the rug".

How about those Mothers in "Contempt of Court" for not allowing their ex-husband to see his children.  These Mothers are allowed to roam carefree while a Father who falls behind in totally unfair, inflated and unrealistic Child Support and/or Spousal Support Orders because he is either ill or laid off, is usually arrested and "carted off to prison".

That is extremely serious, proven, discrimination against a man. 

I did not even touch on the subject of "perjury" in court and how it is completely ignored.  How about "False Accusations?"  I could write a book on all of these subjects.  Now there is a thought.

The use of the Bible in court is absolutely nothing less than disgusting.  Why have it with so many lies and false accusations?

I see that your program Disclosure is partly dedicated on Tuesday, February 3, to Dr. Benjamin Hoffman.  He may be bad, he may be a victim of the system.  I don't know the true and/or the complete story yet.

I am the first to admit that there are some rotten men in our midst but I never hear about the rotten women and there are equally as many.  I am not going to enter into an argument over who is worse, male or female, so I am going to say that when it comes to all spousal abuse and "Deadbeats", and rotten parents, the playing field may very well be level.

Please view the following web-sites just to begin with, to educate you a little: 

http://www.fathers-4-justice.org            http://www.amberell.com/campaign.html             http://www.fact.on.ca

If you want more sites, please let me know. I must have hundreds, perhaps even thousands for you.  Does that tell us all something?

If you have been following the news in Britain this week, you will see that there are many demonstrations by courageous Fathers who for no valid reason have been tragically deprived of seeing their children.  (Please see press release below "This is Local London").

In many cases, ex-wives have chosen a new male partner and the biological Father of the children has been cast out and forced unwillingly to become just an invisible wallet [by the way, he is then labelled a "Deadbeat" by feminists].  These Mothers do not want the Father of their Children to "intrude and get in the way of their new romance".   Only the Father's money is demanded and his love and dedication to his children is totally ignored.  The Father is disposable.

Over a short period of time, the Father's ex-wife often unilaterally decides that he is unable to see his Children.  The Mother violates Court Orders.  He is stopped from maintaining that critical loving, Father/Child relationship which is so completely necessary for a child's successful development.  This is Child Abuse in its worst form.   I cannot imagine my life without my Father.

Children become permanently psychologically damaged because they are brain-washed by a vindictive Mom who tells lies daily, by saying to the children, "Daddy never cared about you or loved you, but Mommy does".

On another point, I am still waiting for my last judge, the Honorable Mr. Justice Jarvis to make a ruling on our long trial of October 21, 2003. Why does it take more than three months to write an Order?  Do you have any ideas for me?

I will tell you what I think.  It is because, I believe, that he knows what he should do, but his superiors are saying, "No, you must favour the female, even if the male party is right".

There is absolutely no justice whatsoever in our Family Courts.  Ask me about it.  There is so much that you do not know.

I know countless Fathers who wish to be interviewed on your program and they have some really horrific stories for everyone. Tragically, some of these Fathers cannot be with us, simply because they are dead, after committing suicide.  A pretty brutal and awful scenario, is it not?  Perhaps you would like to see a copy of Andy Renouf's suicide note.

When are you going to air a program about the Anti-Male Bias in our Family Courts?  I, along with many other victims, can give you more than enough evidence to create a series, perhaps for years.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon. 

Please remember to answer this e-mail because the "Eyes of The World" are monitoring both of us now, very, very closely.  Thanks for your time.  See you soon.

Yours sincerely

Terry Lear   E-mail: englishman@sympatico.ca

PO Box 22004, 300 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4L 3B6, Canada.