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Below, is just a very small sampling of the dozens of e mails, phone messages and videotaped interviews that come daily to our organization's media department from various sources, primarily Canadian, although the occasional message from another country may be found as well.  Most messages have been condensed and names removed in most cases to protect the identity of the writers.  These messages are from what you would call "everyday" people who have been victimized by the system or who know someone who has and want to help in the fight for Justice and to help spread the truth to others about the justice system in Canada and in other parts of the world as well as information about some of the agencies associated with the system.  If you have a message about the system that you would like to pass to us then send your message to Due to the large number of messages that are submitted to us, only selected messages will be posted on this message board.  Readers are also encouraged to post their message on our new Forum link to forum click here <Court Watch Forum>

To the Judges and Members of Parliament in Canada - please read these comments below because this is what many Canadians really think of the Canadian system of Justice and some of the agencies associated with it!  Be forewarned, because more and more citizens are beginning to stand up and to have the courage to come forth with the truth about the injustices being perpetrated against them, their families and friends by the justice system.  The truth shall eventually set Canadian children and families free of the oppression, injustice, bias and incompetence found today in many of our courts and associated agencies.  Court Watch, along with other citizen groups across Canada, remains committed to preserving justice, freedom, equality and democracy in Canada and will play a major role in exposing injustices perpetrated upon the citizens and to ensure that the public knows just what the truth is about our justice system today.  Court Watch believes that all citizens must remain vigilant in protecting the Fundamental Principles of Justice upon which our democracy was founded and for which many of our soldiers have given their lives in battle to leave as their legacy to future Canadians.  The Canadian people want security for their individual rights and freedoms, true justice and in family court matters, true gender equality and for children to have meaningful relationships with their parents and extended families.  Please note that the messages posted here are the opinions of those who submit information and may not necessarily represent the position of Canada Court Watch Program or its supporters.

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February 4, 2007
I attended family court in London Ontario recently.  My spouse's lawyer told deliberate and intentional lies even though the evidence was in the affidavits for the court that directly proved it was absolute untruths by this lawyer. I asked to approach the court to speak and to defend myself against these lies.   I was 100%innocent of these lies.  Yet, the judge would not let me speak to the court and told me to be qiet.

I feel violated and my rights as a Canadian citizen violated.  I could not believe this was happening in what we call Canada.  As a parent of three children who was innocent I was frightened and intimidated by the judge who repressed even my right to even speak.  I felt bullied by this judge.  He took my right to sign the purchase of sale of the home away from me.   If I had been allowed to speak this would not have happened as it would have proved the intentional lies told by his lawyer which also should be a crime of perjury.

I was confused, I could not tell if I was in a court room in Cuba or Canada!!!!!!!!!

February 1, 2007
I recently read a article that Mr. Michael Bryant wrote in regards to the Family Law system being fair. Well, he couldn't be further than the truth. Maybe he should take the time and sit in on some cases to see how biased the system is towards men. Or even better maybe his wife should leave him and see what it really feels like. Mr Bryant the Family Law system needs major reform before it get to late. Several Fathers are living in Poverty. Several fathers have killed themselves as a result of the unfairness they were dealt. I ask you to look into this matter very seriously. Up until now, I have been a faithful Liberal but that is now slipping away very rapidly.

January 15, 2007

I read your site regularly as I am one of those fathers who has been driven into poverty by outrageous lawyer's fees and am now unable to afford legal representation and therefore have to defend my own family case. The reason I am writing to Court Watch is to complain about a judge's performance in my recent case conference. With me not knowledgeable of all the rules, I feel it is important for the public to be informed of how these judges are treating people.

I had a few "issues" in my recent case conference and it was held in Newmarket. Justice Nelson was the judge. After all the preparation I went through with all the documents etc etc.. We solved a couple of immediate issues. As for the rest of them, it honestly felt like this judge was "taking sides" with my ex's lawyer.  I clearly felt a bias against me. Never was disclosure asked from the mother for certain things, although I had to supply disclosure for my issues.

In short, Justice Nelson felt that my "issues" were not important enough to "him" and basically said with the holidays coming up that he did not have the time to deal with the issues".  It was like I had my back to the wall by the judge.   I will not give up on this. This judge should not be allowed to practice as I think he is incompetent and extremely biased. I want something done about this guy and therefore hope you can look into this many other people is he "screwing" up?  It bothers me to see that these judges get a quarter of a million dollars per year plus perks and then to tell people in court that they don't have time to hear the issues at a court date.

I would appreciate it if someone from Court Watch could contact me for further information.  This "injustice" in our system by judges such as Justice Nelson needs to be brought to the public's attention and judge's like these need to have action taken against them. Now that I have seen that our courts are without justice, I am prepared to join the ranks of those who are fighting to fix this corrupt family court systtem.

October 12, 2006

It took a long time to get the transcripts in my court case but I have them now and what a pile of crap.  They are really altered.  Things I had wrote down and read right off the paper in the court have been changed. The judges reasons for not letting me use my recording device are different. Things my wife/work partner planned to get entered "no matter what" are missing. Hearing about court transcripts being a real problem, I said words not very common in a court, so I could check easily afterward the court to know if they had been altered. I wrote the attorney general asking that I be allowed to listen to the tape, because while the crown and judge had a copy of the first part of my trial and even implied in court that I was given a copy, in reality I had to wait until after the trial to get the materials.

I was really stupid and told the crown and the court I had to get to trial fast or I risked losing my home.  Well guess what? Of course they took a 11 week dinner break to get my transcripts, during which time their star witness assaulted me several times again.  Luckily I smelled a set up and secretly recorded it on video. One good cop finally came through and charged their witness against me with 16 new criminal offences.  I noted that in my last statements, however while I know what I said and while my wife also heard me read the statement she wrote in her handwriting, the transcript says that I was charged with 16 more crimes, that is a big mistake, I was not.  They really screwed up the transcripts. The court is totally incompetent.

So it took several months to get all the transcripts (3 of 7) for the appeal and many of the reasons or grounds are now missing from the transcripts. Any idea what the hell is going on?  It seems the stories and rules of the court just kept changing. Also in the reasons for the judges decisions, he cited a mathematical formula and the judge was wrong with that.

Thanks Court Watch for for doing what you do, your work will save lives as well as make our land strong and free once again from oppression by these judges and lawyers.  Keep up the great work!  I feel refreshed every time I visit your site to see somebody printing the truth for a change. Our family courts are nothing but a joke here in Canada.

October 7, 2006
Almost two years ago my wife and I wanted to attend marriage counselling I phoned the CAS because that  was the agency I found in the phone book that I thought could help. They separated me from my family, for a incident that was ridiculous and unproven, I have been in jail twice now, I haven't had any contact with my children for over ten months and before that it was very sporadic.  CAS workers never returns my calls, have never provided me with any report, have my wife an d children living in fear because they say they will be taken away if she does not do exactly as they say. We were an upper middle class family our only problem was my wife of 24 years was considering leaving as she said she might not love me anymore.  I have spent almost twenty thousand dollars, I still haven't seen my family, I have repeatedly been arrested and harassed by police, so bad I can not sleep or work for fear they are going to arrest me for false accusations. I am now under house arrest (not even my own home where I could conduct business) for saying hi to my son after 10 months of not seeing him.  I drove by him on my way home he was two doors down from my home and I didn't even recognize him because I had not seen him in so long.   I didn't think that saying hi would put me in jail and this is after a family court judge said there was no reason why not, but a very unprofessional woman police officer (Detective) seems is calling the shots.  This female police officer has me in front of witnesses that all us men are the #### same. I can't get any help and am now facing a two year sentence for saying hi to my son as I drove by they knew that wasn't good enough so the officer said that I tried calling my wife as well which I did not.  I do not even possess her number, and I have proof. But the police officer and the crown attorney have it in for me. These are not just my observations but those of lawyers I have spoken too. The lawyers have said that they cannot help because of repercussions against them and their practices by the courts.  I have a lot more to tell and will do anything to just see my children and to get on with our lives in a normal manner.  The children's lawyer treated me like scum and was very bias this admitted to me by even my own family lawyer whom I owe so much money too that I have now forced to sell my home and be on the street soon. I am 46 years old never out of a job in 31 years and I am being reduced to a street person shortly if I do not receive help

March 4, 2006
When I read the document that was on the Court Watch website about HAP I was stunned to say the least.  It was right on and described my situation with my ex-wife to a tee.  Last weekend, during court ordered visitation, my ex-wife entered my apartment and attempted to take our daughter.  She physically assaulted me after I closed our daughter in her bedroom to protect her. This was the first time that she interfered court ordered visitation.  She showed no regard whatsoever for the emotional state this event put our daughter in. She fled when the police were called. I then began to receive the threatening calls from my ex-wife's mother. Once again, there was no regard for what a five year old little girl had just witnessed, only threats of numerous consequences if I followed through with the charges. Her mother began to interfere before her daughter and I were married, and now threatens me whenever I express any concern.

In the last two weeks, I informed her that I was going to buy clothes to keep at my apartment because the clothes being packed were too small or stained. I told my ex-wife there was no longer any need to pack, and she packed a bag with enough clothes for a week. She packed one prescription, but forgot to pack the others, and her purpose for coming to my apartment last Saturday was to bring the others. I've been at her mercy because I want to spend as much time as possible with our child, any days other than what is in the visitation order are at her whim to change or take away. There have been instances where she's made several changes within a two day period. Last year, she began to prevent me from taking our daughter to her counselling appointments. This was about the same time one of her ex-boyfriends called to tell me that he'd spent the night in my ex-wife's one bedroom apartment for about three weeks running, and that he and my ex had sex while our daughter was asleep in her bed in the same room. I could go on... I have filed charges for Class C Misdemeanor Assault, Family Violence. These might be upgraded to Class B Burglary. I'm hoping that showing that these patterns of behaviour are damaging will be what it takes to make a positive change for our daughter. I'll never give up. Once again, thank you for that excellent document on HAP.

February 28, 2006

I am facing with a spin off of the women's movement and it is affecting my son in school... long and short - the elementary school system is primarily staffed with female teachers...the women's movement has gone so far that we are essentially alienating the boys in class. Our college/University stats prove that. We no longer have stories with superheros in the classroom, if they aren't politically correct and gender balanced... the entire school regime is geared for little girls. They are thriving well. And our boys for the most part, aren't engaged, are bored, not stimulated.... How sad we had to go from one extreme to the next. I doubt it will ever be fair in our lifetime...

February 27, 2006

Divorce is supposed to be a civil matter, especially in a secularist society.  The problem is that judges and lawyers in Canada set up this thing called family law, which is not civil or anything else, but state interpretation of what divorce (and therefore marriage) should be.  The Canadian government took away our rights to use civil courts and use civil law by creating family laws.  That is the point.  In a secularist society, we do not need separate family law from civil law.  The powers of the state (versus our rights as citizens) have usurped our liberties, despite the contradiction of their secularist ideology.  It is all about ideology and secularist believe that power is the ultimate ideology about relationships and being.  That is why it only creates the tyranny we have.  There cannot be any virtue in a secularist state because 'what is virtue if there is no God' - Fydor Dostoevsky.  This is not a fact, nor an opinion but a metaphysical truth (philosophy).

February 25, 2006

As for getting Children's Aid or Office of the Child Lawyers involved in a court case, people better stay away from them. My experience, in the beginning they did not even contact me. They listened to the ex and the children. What did these dimwits from CAS and the Children's Lawyer's Office expect my daughter to say in front of her mother when she had to live with her. It was only when my daughter got older and moved in with me did I take her to Children's Aid and she told them the whole story and the truth only because she knew she did not have to go back and live with her mother.  Even then after she moved in with me did they still come around once in a while to "check up" on her and she merely told them she was very happy with me.  I could support her, put a roof over her head and feed her and clothe her.  All the CAS could do was to poke and prod into our lives and make things difficult with my ex.  Now finally they are out of our lives, hopefully for good. 90% of the time they believe the poor "single mom" even if the kids are screaming that mom is abusing them.

February 24, 2006

Edward Gibbons described the reason why the last vestige of the Roman Empire (Byzantine) collapsed was due to the effeminate direction of their society. In other words, the virtue of courage was replaced by cowardice; better known today as a secularist feminist liberal. Canada is on the verge of collapse for similar reasons.  Marriage is in decline. Population is in decline.  Immigrants are now flowing into Canada and slowing replacing Canadian history and culture with their imported traditions and values.  Not too far in the future, Canada will no longer be Canada.  Like the great Roman Empire, Canada will soon be facing the collapse of its society.

February 23, 2006

Our lustrous leaders quite often go and sign crap documents for appearance purposes, waving it's flag as if we a great nation that assumes the highest respect for children and people, bullshit!!. I respectfully think that Canada is one of the biggest and fraudulent countries who cause more harm than good. For example the convention for children rights, up until last year (not sure if our state has accepted and enacted this year but I doubt it) is NOT legally binding on the state AT BOTH levels, so why does Canada brag about it's human rights, well then there was snow job...  when in many years they have been a signatories but haven't moved on legalizing it in Canada, hmmmm how many years now???? Well there are obvious reasons, can you guess? The court process is a big game once you are in you can't get out unless you advance past "GO" . So play it smart, and there are legal strategies. Once the courts smell you have money, they lock it up and slowly bleed it .....after all it is the golden nugget. I don't have a lot of respect for the system it smells from top to bottom so why do we need to play the same rules hmmm!!!  Now your LAW and use it to your advantage.

February 12, 2006

Congrats Steven Harper will be introducing legislation to toughen the Criminal Code for those using handguns. As part of that amendment to the code, the mandatory paying of costs to the defendant, on an acquittal, should be something that we strive for. This provides incentive for the Crown, even before the bail hearing, to make an effort to determine the likelihood of winning, and stop a bad prosecution before it starts. We have too many innocent people in Canada being hauled into court maliciously by police and the Crown.  Since 1908 costs have been awarded to defendants in the UK, see references. Its time that Canada emerged from 1867.

January 12, 2006

I could talk for hours on not only this huge underground mafia type system we call "Justice" but the other nightmare story CAS which we have yet to tackle. So far me, my wife and daughter feel so sick about all of this. But I've done my research and I understand exactly how it all began in the late 1800's. How and who founded the CAS organization, and how it is that they got their power and how they operate without any of the standards that the legal system has in place. It is just unbelievable! Like I said to the Lawyer last month..."CAS are the Gods of this world...even if the courts or you say I can go home, well that is NOT the case, you can't do a single thing for me...because they are the Gods".

January 12, 2006

The Jewish Family and Child Services (JF&CS) destroyed my family and tried to impugn my reputation.  When I complained they barred me from attending their Annual General Meeting (they sent ME an invitation) with threat of force and arrest.  This is documented.  Their Board is comprised on bullies and liars.  They got rid of Ron Levine and lied about it  He lied to me. Breached my confidentiality, and that of my daughter.  They referred my spouse to a totally incompetent lawyer who ‘stole’ thousands of dollars from her.  B.F. has lied to many others and P.W. is a specialist in convincing women they have been abused.  They run a weekly group that I have heard teaches women how to fabricate cases against their spouses.  A friend of mine attended. The Board and Executive Director dismissed my complaint as that of an ‘embittered spouse” and claimed they have never had any complaints before.  I have these conversations on tape!  These people are power mongers who will stoop to any level to protect their interests and funding.  I have no doubt they manipulate statistics to create ‘need’.  I wish I had known about your group last year. Please feel free to contact me.

January 2, 2006


January 2, 2006

By usurping the power and responsibilities of the legislative branch of our system of government, Canada's judges have politicized this country's courts and called into question their impartiality. That is a dangerous thing. The time has come, therefore, for citizens, through their legislators to reassert their authority by reclaiming their constitutional rights and resuming their constitutional responsibilities. Canada depends on it.

December 12, 2005

The UN Convention for the Rights of the Child state that children have a right to grow up in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.  How is this possible when the child protection ministries pit one parent against the other and only ‘assists’ the custodial parent.  New legislation and educational programs at the time when prenatal classes are taught could reduce social work case loads dramatically.

December 11, 2005

On December 6, 2005, my children and I went to before the government’s social policy committee and presented my family’s concerns regarding the Children’s Aid Society’s complaints process and the requested amendments to the Child and Family Services Act. under the proposed Bill 210. Through my experience with the complaint procedure the CAS is currently offering it is highly unlikely that they are capable of auditing themselves.  In fact, it is more likely that once a complaint has been heard they react as if they have been “tipped off”, and rush to destroy evidence and cover up their misdeeds. As I was before the Committee and taking part in a public hearing I saw an opportunity to break down the walls of silence and secrecy, and put before the government the obstacles that many involved with the CAS face. In my battle against oppression by the CAS,I have learned that injustice is defeated by defiance and criminal activity and cruelty are supported by silence. It is time to stop the silence we don’t have to let ourselves be victims to the system anymore. Shortly after I made my presentation the Ontario Ombudsman André Marin voiced similar concerns regarding the complaints process. At the end of Mr. Marin presentation he was asked by Ted Chudleigh, MPP Halton a question relating to police investigations and the CAS. This question may have been a question ideal for someone like me who has had a personal experience with trying to initiate a criminal investigation regarding serious criminal allegations. My experience has been the police, at least the Waterloo Regional Police Services’ Staff Sergeant Rudy Smith has informed me that a criminal investigation by the local police would be not possible, because the police and the CAS work too closely together, it would be biased. So here we have a CAS which is not accountable and too closely associated with police to be the subject of an investigation when wrongdoing is suspected.

December 9, 2005

I have been fighting for my rights and for justice for the common citizen for almost three years now. My trek has taken me from HRSDC to CAS, from RCMP to KPF, from CBC National to Kingston This Week, from the Ombudsman to OLA... It seems that most are paralyzed by the blatant and severe corruption within many of the government agencies and their hired goons. You could take the sponsorship scandal and put it with HRSDC's Billion Dollar Boondoggle, add the corruption within Children's Aid Societies and the Family Court Injustice System and still what you have is only the tip of the iceberg. What I would tell those politicians in this upcoming election is that they will not get another penny from me, Joe Canadian, until something is done about this MESS! AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, I WILL NOT PAY MY INCOME TAX, MY GST, MY PST OR ANY OTHER FUNDS I HAVE CONTROL OF until the corruption in Canada is cleaned up!

December 7, 2005

I would like to thank Court Watch for the great work it has done, especially in the area of audiotaping and videotaping testimonies of those children and families affected.  I am confident that the work that your organization is doing to expose the corrupt family court system will eventually help to ensure that all Canadians recognize the organized crime syndicate called the Canadian family justice system that we are battling.  Keep up the good work.  History will show how Court Watch was instrumental in bringing down the corrupt family court system and to help usher in a new era of accountability and true justice for Canada.

December 6, 2005

The U.S. is getting the rule of law back, with the recent appointment of Roberts and nomination of Alito to the Supreme Courts. Both vow to uphold the rule of law, unlike the previous 'liberal secularist' characters they had who claimed they were constitutionalist. What that will mean is that the U.S. will be the only country in the world in which there is the rule of law and not the rule of tyranny. The interesting thing is that may be a good enough reason (never mind comment) for refugee status? I am sure that your fellow American's would recognize that without the rule of law you have the rule of ideological tyranny. That is what Canada has become.

November 27, 2005

Well, when the justices are acting criminally, and they are supposed to represent justice, is there any use in wasting our time in court trying to convince them of their criminality? My suggestion is (through my own experience) is not to waste our time on legal matters in court, but to support the legal issues politically; by making sure our politicians now and are held accountable for the rule of law. While this is a legal matter, what we are really trying to do is make sure the politicians uphold the laws. Can we fight the criminals in their own turf? I think not.

November 26, 2005

If the politicians and judges say they do not have to obey the law (which they claim), then we do not have the rule of law, which is the first legal tenet the Canadian Charter of Rights.  What does this mean?  Philosophically, it means that they have declared war on the Canadian Charter and more importantly, on all the citizens of Canada. It's time for law-abiding Canadians to put some of these arrogant judges in their place.

November 26, 2005

I have one child turning 18 on November 20, 2005.  He has been a kidnapped child and crown ward since he was four years old he is suing for 50 million dollars for identity theft against the "CAS" and those 69 judges and then there are 4 more children right behind. The system dreaded this day but it has come around. I think if we all join together and use my 69 criminals judges as an example it will bring credibility to all others of concern.

November 20, 2005

One of the wisest judges I've ever had the pleasure of appearing before was none other than Judge Rondthwaite in Abbotsford provincial court. PCJ Roundthwaite first listened to my ex who's argument was that she was afraid I "MIGHT" say something "nasty" to our children about her. She advised my ex that if it were the case, though she found it difficult to believe that I would do such a thing based on the information before her, she said that she spoke from experience that if either parent in any situation like ours spoke ill of the other to their children eventually the children will learn the truth and that parent will eventually pay the ultimate price for their actions. The children will retaliate on that parent who lied to them about the other, it may be weeks, months or years down the road but they will eventually learn the truth and they will remember who said what about whom.

Just some food for thought people.

November 20, 2005

My husband's ex is on welfare and was asked to seek support for their son from my husband. So her social worker sent my husband an agreement which didn't go to the Family Responsibility Office until October 15, He got a case number from the FRO. So he decides to start sending payments this month for November, when he gets paid this week. Yesterday he gets a call saying he owes arrears, which amounts to 3 months worth. How is this possible? Even is he owes for September, how can he owe arrears? How can he owe for previous months the agreement wasn't signed by his ex until after October 1 and sent to the FRO in November? This whole thing is crazy. His ex has been on welfare for years, and every time they tell her to find a job she gets pregnant again by some other guy.  Any child support from my husband goes to welfare so the only persons I could see that pushed for back payments were the social services people.  She has 4 children by 4 different guys, and lost custody of one to the fathers because of neglect and abuse. I thought Ontario Works was supposed to make people work for their welfare? People should not be able to get away with being a baby factory, and making my tax dollars pay for it. My husband has no problem paying support, even though he only makes minimum wage and can't really afford it, but how does he owe arrears and how is he supposed to pay it? This country is so biased against men it makes me sick. I can't imagine having a baby every 2 years just to stay on welfare. I'm so frustrated I wanna scream! Plus, we are too low income to pay for a lawyer, but not low enough for legal aid. This country of Canada blows. Go after the little guy owing $250 while the guys in Ottawa who steal  millions go scott free.

November 18, 2005

An additional note on the fraudulent system.  "Child support" can be used when applying for loans but is exempt from attachment when bankruptcy is filed. This allows the recipient to run up debts and then pass them off to the rest of the public without losing any major "income" source. Payments for the bankruptcy filing are based on the base income excluding the "child support." My ex has played this system. She filed 2 1/2 years ago while working full time and getting $1600.00 per month ($1300.00 cs and $300.00 alimony). 6 months ago she let her house (and 5 years worth of equity) go back to the mortgage lender because if they went to foreclosure she would go to jail for violating the bankruptcy payment orders.  Today she's driving a new car and has new clothes every time I see her but my son can't go to college because she's spent his college fund.  But remember, it's "in the best interests of the children."

November 14, 2005

I am sitting here in my office with tears streaming down my face for our country. Who, in their most hellish nightmares, would ever have thought that anyone would feel the need to flee Canada for fear of persecution - especially religious persecution? Flee Canada? Canada? This is Canada, the beacon of freedom and understanding for the entire world. People fight, steal, lie, sometimes even die as they do anything they can to come to Canada - yet 26 mothers and 74 children have left Canada - because they are afraid that the state, as represented by the Children's Aid Society and going to seize their children, take them away from their family. This is Canada? This is the country I was born in, grew up in, live in, believe in? I only wish I could have died before I ever heard this news. Please someone - tell me this isn't true.

November 14, 2005

The Children's Aid in Windsor invested $3M into a wireless satellite system connected to the huge wall-size $60,000 plasma screen TV in the director's (Mr. Bevan) office. The Children's Aid has also built radio towers throughout Essex County (Essex, Amherstburg, Leamington and Chatham) like the one standing besides its building on Riverside Drive in Windsor. The community and I wondered what these radio towers were there for. Was our local CAS broadcasting secret government info or just child abuse data to all of North America?   Unfortunately none of the above! The radio towers represent just another misadventure for our local Windsor CAS. It has not been able to get the system to work.  In the Ministry review the Windsor CAS of July 2004, it attributes an annualized $500 million debt to this computer system.  Are our donations and tax dollars being well spent?

November 12, 2005

Windsor Ontario is an affluent little community on the Great Lakes. It has 1500 children in care and CAS involvement with 1 in 8 ie. one in 4 families. It has one of the largest child social welfare agencies in North America. This Agency has built a glass monument to itself on the waterfront. It looks like the Windsor Casino. Everyone in this community on penalty of fine or loss of license must report suspicion of child abuse. If your baby has a 2 year old melt down in public, you must be doing something wrong. Mothers are afraid to go to emergency with their children for fear of being accused. One cannot disclose anything to friends, doctor, lawyer, teacher, counsellor, minister etc. They are all required to report. The TV ads tells abused women to go to Hiatus House but they do not tell them that their children will be apprehended within two weeks for witnessing spousal abuse.  Neighbours call the CAS on little Arab women who speak loudly to their children in arabic. The worker arrives and starts her checklist of questions about physical, emotional and sexual abuse. All parents are treated with suspicion; they cannot be trusted.  The school systems ask the little ones to keep a journal about their families. The teachers then use this information to call the CAS. Puppet shows describing sexual abuse make the rounds routinely at the school. These five-year-olds are not equipped to interpret this information. This results in more calls to the CAS. Children who are spanked are instructed to call 911 so that their parents can be charged.  The CAS here is busy opening files and doing investigations. It is handsomely rewarded for everyone file opened and kept open. It strikes gold when it apprehends "a special needs child." In fact, it labels every child it apprehends as "a special needs" child. It must provide services to all these "special needs children." The Ontario government in its wisdom has cancelled access to services for "children with parents.". The services that remain, lead directly to CAS. If your child requires children's mental health services, one has to terminate one's parental rights to access them. The belief is that the parent must be responsible for the mental health issue.  The government tries to deflect attention away from the environment pollution issues in this community which are probably responsible for the increased incidence of autism, mental disorders, ADHD, and learning disabilities seen in this community.  The United Nations Convention on the Child has critiqued Canada repeatedly for its selective implementation of the Convention. Canada as a signer to the Convention must fulfill its obligations completely. If it cannot fulfill all its obligations, it should withdraw its signature. It needs to provide services to all children regardless of parental status.  Canada is using the UN Convention on the Child to create a large children's social welfare system.  These children are then warehoused in smoked filled basements. They are fed canned hot dogs, spam, and canned potatoes. No one cares what they are doing in school.

How do I know? It happened to my child.

November 7, 2005

A duty lawyer told me that I would have to take my ex about 6 to 8 times before a judge does anything to make her respect the orders. He was right. I'm still waiting. Through the process, I got condemned about $1700 in court costs and she still doesn't respect them. Don't keep your hopes to high unless your ready to go back a good number of times. It won't happen the first time. I know. Unless someone has a different experience than me which I doubt considering the system we have in all provinces) I do represent myself (last 2 years.) My final piece of advice is don't trust a lawyer unless you poke him/her in the ribs and you are absolutely sure it's dead...

November 6, 2005

I know of a case in Brantford, Ontario of a young mother from six nations reserve whose access with her child was suspended for calling an ambulance at an access visit to save her baby.  At the access center, she noticed the baby was extremely underweight and in a daze so she took it upon herself to call the ambulance.  The CAS workers tried to stop her. She persisted and succeeded.  The ambulance arrived and took the child to the hospital. The baby was treated and it was discovered that the child was severely malnourished.  In a letter from the CAS to the young mother they clearly indicated that the child had been abuse in the foster home and has been moved to a new home. Because of the young mother's refusal to comply with the access worker and not call the hospital, all of the mother's access to her child was suspended. This mother broke the rules to save her baby's life.  A life the CAS didn't care at all about like so many other children in their care. Instead of thanking this young mother and rewarding her for her love of her child she was punished for saving the child's life.  This same mother lost her unborn baby because of police brutality during a CAS apprehension. While handcuffed on the ground the police officer kneeled on her stomach with all his weight. Soon after she began to haemorrhage and later lost the baby.  Since then she has been fighting in courts with deaf ears to get her children back.  This is the reality in Canada my fellow Canadians. The CAS covers up its mistakes at any cost to the tax payers. These are their dirty secrets that will soon come out all at once.  Their empire and those who feed off their purse will soon fall because we Canadians will no longer allow them to abuse children and their parents.  Welcome to reality in Canada!

November 5, 2005

I feel the family law system is corrupt and unjust. My story of lawyers milking our situation is sickening. The F.R.O. began illegally garnishing income and has created a situation of undue financial hardship.  Our F.R.O. file has been tampered with and changed within their agency.  We have been treated worse than criminals, with a "guilty until proven innocent" process of law.  A judge in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. found our undue hardship situation not urgent.  I don't see how anybody could have read our financial statement and found it to be not urgent. My letters to the justice minister have gone unanswered. We are in a terrible financial situation and are about to lose everything we have as a result of the courts refusing to deliver justice.  The courts of our own country are destroying us.

November 4, 2005

It is very unnerving to me that women who want equal rights would put men down and degrade them to a point that is lower than low itself. Feminism is going to be the demise of this world!  Don't get me wrong, Being a woman myself, I believe that women should be entitled to equal pay, equal opportunity and so forth.  I am strongly against one person judging another person based on physical characteristics of another person. Women have risen up past oppression... and now they are becoming the oppressors!!! Perhaps it is jealousy that they were "under control" for so many years? Who knows, really?!? As far as oppression and sad sad stories go, my family has a few skeletons in it's closet... Yet, we have learned from these skeletons. We realize that both men and women are capable of doing things that hurt their family members. I would like to see some good solid, up to date research that states all men are abusive dead-beats... Good luck finding any!!! What you will find if you do go looking for solid resources is that women are becoming more and more abusive, that women are becoming more and more ruthless! But I suppose this is all we can expect from a society that spends more time pointing fingers at one another than asking someone if they need a hand.

November 3, 2005

People must be taking note of your site and it must be striking fear into the hearts of some. I was served documents in which contained an exhibit from my ex included the questions and answers section from your website.  My ex was getting worried that I was directing my kids to visit the Court Watch website and that they were learning how to fight back against the system by learning about their rights and freedoms.  My kids have been abused and put down by their mother for years, but now they are beginning to stand up. Thanks Court Watch.

November 1, 2005

In today's times, one would say "what goes around, come around" and eventually all lawyers will have to answer to a "higher court" for their unethical dealings when it becomes their time to leave this earthly plane. In the meantime they will "justify" their actions based on their greed for the "Almighty Dollar" rather than their belief in the Almighty God with little concern for what awaits them in the afterlife. Every man has his price, the only difference with lawyers is they have sold their soul so many times that, like a used car, it depreciates in value until such transactions become cheap and common place. This has become the unwritten and unspoken rule or "case law".

October 31, 2005

Parents, both mothers and fathers alike should naturally share equal responsibility of their children. 
Our children are currently suffering in divorce and its harrowing after affects. Why? Largely because their FATHERS who are MEN are being discriminated against.  The human rights memorial in Ottawa says something that has always stuck in my mind. " Until ALL rights are protected, NONE are secure. Women's and children's rights are protected, or so they say. BUT our children's rights, and even those of women are not truly secure until they do the same and put rock solid legislation in that protects the rights of men.  Only then will we have balance. The pressure needs to be put on the Men side of the pendulum. Even I recognize the fact that if my husband's rights had been protected as well as mine, then "I" and my children would have a better life. My rights are currently not secure, and won't be until men's rights are protected.Once all rights are protected, the family can once again be a cohesive unit, whether in the same home or not. So lets all Canadians work together for true equal rights and to fight this current system operated by lawyers and judges who want nothing more than to make things as adversarial as possible. I'm a woman and it makes me sick to see what these lawyers and judges are doing to destroy children and families.

October 18, 2005

My husband and I are in dire straights. He makes a lot less and right now is in a slump with almost no income as a result of the constant abuse of the family court and the strain of not seeing his child. Meanwhile, his ex-wife and her new boyfriend live very comfortably in their new home with their new cars.  Things are getting so bad that I am concerned about my own children.  My husband was helping to support them and was a good provider to us until his x wife decided to make life hell for us.  I would never put my x husband through the abuse that I now see my current husband's ex putting him and his child through.  All of this is related to the ongoing alienation of my husbands child. Not once in the last couple of years has there been as much as a call from his child.  Other kids have told us that his child if afraid to call him.  When it comes to my children from my first marriage I call the Dad and let him know what is happening in his kids lives and i make sure that my kids seen their dad and my children appreciate this.  School concerts, Graduations etc. my children's father gets the message now and then DADS are important.  My own father was the greatest Dad and I cannot imagine life without my dad.  Now that I see what my current husband is going through, it is shocking and appalling how the system works here in Canada and allows one parent to destroy another through the family court system. I cannot believe how many children are suffering as a direct impact of mothers who only think of their own needs first not the need of the children. Anyway enough ranting and raving.. I need to get this stuff sorted out soon or even we will lose our home and my own children made to suffer as a result of a woman who thinks only of how to get revenge against her former husband.

October 14, 2005

For the protection of everyone involved, CAS workers should be mandated to record all phone calls and interviews and that these should be made available to both the involved parties and the judges, should things have to go that far. Too many workers have too much leeway when it comes to interrogation and investigation. If the judges heard even half of the things that came out of my CAS worker's mouth, I am sure that she would be in some serious trouble.

October 10, 2005

The powers who brought the divorce epidemic upon us are beginning to wake up. It appears that marriage is a bad, risky deal that brings ruin to rich men and lavish meal tickets to their ex-wives. There is a lot of whining about that in the forwarded article. Marriage is doomed in Canada.  Still, not a single word is said about what Canadians will do now, while all of the West is collapsing around us.  Some heritage that is the feminist ideology has brought us: whiners but too few and often none acting to improve things. Well, no problem can be solved until a critical mass of the people affected by it agrees that the fundamental problem causes need to be addressed. However, as of now, although problem recognition by a critical mass of people is the first step in successful problem solving, that critical mass has not yet come into existence. It may well be much too late for Canada as a nation before it does.  It will take at least 20 years, perhaps as long as 80 years, before things can be turned around and improvements in social conditions come into existence. Unfortunately, by that time it will quite likely be too late for Canada.  Provided that nobody rushes in to fill the demographic and moral vacuum we are creating for ourselves, western society will have vanished within three to four generations with Canada having been taken over by immigrant groups from other countries such as the Middle East.  Muslims for instance, place a much higher priority on family and community which is why their society is thriving while our society is fading away into history.

October 7, 2005

My family and I are being royally screwed by the Children's Aid Society. As a result of criminal charges filed against me, I have been removed from my home by the CAS. The most disquieting aspects of this situation are:  1) that I have been deemed an immediate threat to my young son and can only see/communicate with him one hour a week at CAS Headquarters (he is not the basis for the criminal charges against me).  2) CAS is terrorizing my wife and threatening to remove the youngest children from her care! Any questions she ask regarding my return is answered with worst case scenarios and threats of Gestapo tactics. My wife is at wits end because of these automatons! We have been plunged into an emotional and financial hell because of Them. They don't care one bit that we may lose our house, that my family no longer has the use of a car, or that seeing their mother suffer and their missing their father is having a traumatic effect on ALL the children. They just don't care! Their M.O. seems to be creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Mess with their victims long enough, and hopefully they will get the satisfaction of finally exercising their God-like powers to destroy a family! Do these people carve notches on their desks?  It seems that they are in need of a new motto for their organization-"We Will Protect The Children, Even If It Destroys Them!"

October 5, 2005

Although it's always worth a try, filing complaints against lawyers - especially  having to do with 'family' law related misconduct - is generally a waste of time.   The shyster vermin appear to receive value for their dollar vis-a-vis dues monies paid in that complaining about their unethical conduct typically has all of the impact of reporting errant CUPE members to Syd Ryan.  Anyone who thinks the Law Society is anything other than a trade union - and possibly one second in power only to the Doctors' cartel - is kidding themselves and likely at least partially buying into its self-serving propaganda as to its supposed high-mindedness and noble intentions. When it comes to corruption, bear in mind that Carol Curtis, who was well-proven to have advised women clients to abduct children as a custody dispute tactic, has been repeatedly re-elected to sit as a Law Society Bencher! BTW,  I once filed a 50 page complaint with the Law Society which many - including a retired lawyer - told me was as well-documented and damning as anything of that nature they'd ever seen and which, after 3 years of 'union' paper shuffling, was rejected in its entirety.

October 5, 2005

My husband's ex-wife wanted to move to Canada and promised that if he was to agree to change the US court order grant her permission to leave the US with the kids, that she would give him extra time with the kids over the summertime to make up for the loss of his time during the school year.  Trying to be cooperative and helpful, he agreed.  Before the first summer came, she denied access according to the terms of their US court Order. Apparently, some women's advocates in Canada told her that she had nothing to worry about if she broke the US court order and that women in Canada have little to fear from the courts for violating court Orders.  My advice to any other parents in a similar situation is to not let your ex take the kids to Canada.  Once she get the kids to Canada you'll never see the kids again. Not unless you are willing to make yourself bankrupt and contribute to the upkeep of the Canadian Court system. Canada is not a good place to be fighting custody battles. Keeping kids from seeing their fathers seems to be business as usual in the Canadian court system.  Canada, it seems, is a safe haven for mothers who abduct their children.

October 2, 2005

I am a Developmental Social Worker, and have seen the injustice in our Canadian Court Systems.  My husband hired a female lawyer to represent him.  She did nothing in 5 years, we were still in the same situation with my step son. This set us back over $40,000. So we decided to fire her and go on our own.  With a lot of prayers and prep work through information on court procedures, forms etc, I found on the net, We actually WON without a lawyer . . . My husband had been awarded more access, his ex was found in contempt of a court order and a Police Assist was put into the court order, if his ex denied access again.  With persistence & prayer there is hope.

October 1, 2005

I took attended our course “SURVIVING THE HORRORS OF CANADA'S MORALLY CORRUPT FAMILY COURT SYSTEM” and was sure glad that I attended the workshop.  It is a great workshop that shed a lot of light about what goes on in the system.  Everything in the materials is true.  While my lawyer tried to keep me in the dark, he is now afraid to screw me because he now knows that I know what he is supposed to be doing.  I feel so much better informed after the workshop and it is making a BIG difference.

September 28, 2005

Last year the public school called the CAS and had our children questioned without our knowledge or presence. That afternoon, two police cruisers and three police officers and a CAS officer came to our home to question my wife and I regarding an accidental scratch my son received during an innocent pillow fight. When our children came home from school they were clearly shaken by the experience of being question and later that night they both wet their beds. Bed wetting is not a common experience for our children especially for our daughter and our son only started wetting his bed since the CAS involvement. We feel like we are in some kind of repressive communist country where there are spies running around trying to get families in trouble. We also feel betrayed by the teachers at our children's school.  Rather than calling us in and asking us about the mark on my son's face and dealing with the situation, their first reaction was to call the CAS. Some young girl who obviously just out of college came with the police.  The CAS workers was far too young to have kids and she looked like she had just gotten out of diapers herself not too long ago.  What the hell is this country coming too when we, as parents, have to look over our shoulders to see if some government paid informant is watching us.

September 24, 2005

I am a woman who has never gone through the court system myself. But I have seen many wonderful men and fathers reduced to nothing but an empty shell time and time again and frankly it makes me sick.  It is almost unbelievable to see this going on in Canada, a country which describes itself as one of the best countries in the world. I was born and raised in this country.  I was once a proud Canadian in years past.  Today, I am ashamed of my country for what it is allowing the judges and lawyers to do to so many children and families.

September 24, 2005

We don’t have Sharia or (now) the other religious tribunals because these community based tribunals were viable competition to the courts and a real threat to the lawyers and all those in the family law industry.  The key players in the industry funded the feminists as their mouthpieces, then went behind closed doors with Premier McGuinty to suggest that the only fair thing to do was to eliminate all their religious competitors.  It has nothing to to with paternalism or socialism.  In fact, it is backroom Canadian capitalism at it’s finest.

September 23, 2005

If you consider course of today's political and social life in almost every aspect, you will easily see the dynamics behind it: evil. Be it a corrupted politician who promotes sexual disorder as a norm, be it a feminist lobbyist who promotes hate and destruction of families, be it a lawyer and training arm of justice business which promotes destructive money-making business, they are all on the same scale and run by the same drive. People who don't care about men and fathers problems, are either making profit from these issues or are indifferent, considering those problems are ours and probably think we did something wrong. They all will be involved someday somehow, either them being dragged to court for the crime of committed relationship or one of their loved one will be there. This will go on until it no longer can or a drastic measure taken to stop it by force or until it threatens government integrity and profit.

September 22, 2005

Everyone says to hire a woman lawyer because they are the most vicious. I wish that was true.  I had two women lawyers and both of them screwed me for every cent I had.  I might as well have just hired them to make my wife win and take me for everything. I even lost my children because of them. So don't believe what you are told about women lawyers being better than men.

September 22, 2005

Since I came to Canada about 6 years ago, I have seen some of my friends go through the Canadian Court system.  The Canadian Family Law System is 10 times more brutal on men than our legal system is on women and Canada brags how such a good country it is.  I am sending back information to my friends who still live overseas to enlighten their minds not to be fooled by Canadian and other secular regimes propaganda, on women rights or so. They need to know the true nature of dictatorships like Canada so at least not let feminism succeed there.  Canada is not the place for any young man to have children and to raise his family.

September 22, 2005

The reason we do not have Sharia arbitration in Ontario is because the feminists think women are too stupid to think for themselves. How about that for paternalistic attitude. Women (and men) are too dumb to decide, so the government (based on feminist ideology) will decide for us? Welcome to the Nazi Republic of Feminist Canada folks! You have got to love the apathetic Canadian society in the face of this tyranny.

September 21, 2005

I spoke to a lawyer friend of mine who said that there are quite a few lawyers who support those who are trying to change the system, but that they admit that they cannot do things directly because if they did openly show their support for fathers who are getting screwed, they would end up losing most, if not all, of their cases.  He said that many lawyer hope that the activists make changes soon.  I just read an article by a lawyer, Karen Selick, and was pleased to see at least one lawyer in Canada with the courage and honesty to speak about our broken down family law system.

September 19, 2005

One of the reasons that the media does not want to report on the poor is because the largest factor for being poor is the liberal policies of destroying the family. Canada has social poverty, not economic poverty, based on the destruction of the family based on the liberal welfare state which provides positive reinforcement to the single mother family and developing learned helplessness.

September 18, 2005

It seems that men get destroyed everyday in this country. I lost my children, my home, my car and ALL my possessions all over night it seems. And every time I tried to fight in court it just got worse. And people asked me the same questions: What was the reasoning? What did you do? What didn't you do? Well the answer is simply- nothing. I was just a Dad. Line Dan. And a thousand fold of Fathers. And the judge just "so-ruled". We dads are treated like criminals even if we don't institute the divorce itself. Men are just designed to lose and then live a life of servitude because this is how it is set-up to be. This is the tyranny. This is what most Fathers will tell you has happened to them in form or another. In some cases its even worse. How bad is it? Its so bad that I have heard it being compared to the state of the US before the declaration of independence and the state of Germany at the ascendance of Hitler to power. I have heard mention of civil war from some quarters. That is the extent of the anger. And who could blame fathers in Canada.  It's time for us to engage in revolt and civil disobedience against the Canadian government.  Its time for us to take back our country from these corrupt Canadian courts and these incompetent judges.

September 18, 2005

I must admit I don't know what the true situation is in all countries around the world but it sure seems that secularism is screwing up western societies. I come from Muslim country and immigrated to Canada.  From what I can see the situation with the courts being against fathers and families seems to be happening in many western democracies, including the US.  All I can say is that what goes around comes around. It seems that the Canadian corrupt court system thinks that causing people to lose their life saving to feed the hungry justice business and feminism will end up anywhere good? Crimes, rapes, gange activities, violence on the streets... are much less likely to be actioned by children who grown up in solid marriages. An outcome of broken marriages with no father in the life of kids is much more likely to involve in such activities. Seeing a free pay check delivered regularly by FRO is not a good model for a responsible parenting. So yes, judgement day it is coming back to Canada and when it does come it will hit very hard. These shootings in Toronto and the general loss of respect by Canadians for Law and Order is just the beginning.  The breakdown of Law and Order in the southern US after the floods is an indication of how people have lost faith in their country. The same attitude is beginning in Canada.  Many of my Canadian born friends say that they don't give a damn about Canada and they would never go to war to fight to defend what they see is a corrupt system of courts which destroys fathers and a Liberal government in Ottawa whose leaders hand out money to their friends.  When the will of the people is lost and their belief in Canada lost, the nation of Canada is doomed.

September 16, 2005

Law and Justice are two different concepts.  Law is the rules of our society. Justice is a concept of the virtue of fairness.   Although in theory both Law and Justice should work together, often they do not.  In many of the corrupt courts such as we have in Canada that law is not applied in a just manner by the judges.   When they do not go together, such as we have in Canada, you have law with injustice, hence a screwed up country where the citizens no longer have respect for the courts.   When loss of respect for the Rule of Law  happens, you have pathalogical behaviour which will ultimately lead to civil war.  The gangs in Toronto and all the shooting are a sign that people, especially our young people, just don't care about this country anymore.  That is the direction family law in our radical liberal secularist society is headed towards.  Mark my words.  You will see some radical acts of violence to judge and lawyers in the future.  What is so tragic is that the solution is so simple - we just need our judges and our police to give the citizens respect and to ensure that there is true equality between men and women and to stop demonizing fathers as is the case now by our courts and police.

September 15, 2005

I am a Muslim immigrant to Canada whose life has been devastated by the Canadian regime of justice and feminist groups, There is a lot I could say about this issue. While not even being married in Canada, after having a 3 years old marriage with no children, I have been forced to attend the illegal courts (case conferences) sessions with no end/no result. As a result of being forced into a Canadian court, I am under a big debt while I am working. While I fled my home country of hoping that Canada would be a better place to live, I now being prosecuted in Canada for money by my wife.  What I have seen from Canada so far has been deep violation of human rights and lack of any respect for human life. The situation for me involving Canada's family justice system has been devastating. From what I can see about Canada, the current process and flow of society has no way to end except hatred, crime and destruction of family life and the society at the end. I came to Canada in hopes of a better life but Canada's name in my heart is associated with crime, discrimination, violation and aggression forever; I am a living shame on this country's face. The only say I have on Sharia, regardless of all those non-sense about it being anti-woman, is that is much fair to both parties and children when you compare it with secular non-sense barbaric body of laws.  The family courts here in Canada are a disgrace to all humans.  Canada had better clean up its act because people around the world are beginning to see that Canada is not the great country it tries to convey to the rest of the world.

September 13, 2005

My son has recently been taken away by the local CAS.  I know that he would like to make a complaint against his worker and some of the places that they have put him in.  The CAS have had my son in 3 places in the past three months and the last place he was at other kids threatened him.  This is all still so new to us still. He was taken 3 weeks ago.  His own story has never been recorded properly by CAS workers. They would listen to my complaints about his mother, and then twist words around. His mother and I separated last Oct.  This is all part of a custody battle.  CAS and the Woman's Shelter sticks to the woman's side even if the woman is abusing the child. I would like to learn more about your organization and I would like to help.  My son is very angry about how the CAS workers are hiding the truth. What an incompetent organization the CAS is!

September 5, 2005

It would appear that there are many laws in Canada which sound nice but little Justice which comes from them once you are before a Judge.  Makes me ashamed to be a Canadian. In the past year I've seen my Charter rights trampled upon, and the rights of my children to have a fair hearing for custody denied. In 2004 the Honourable Mr. Justice Clarke declared in open court "WE KNOW CUSTODY" without enumerating the so called best interests of the child. Truly a broke and broken system our family justice system is. I was hoping that Bill C-245 would spell a new paradigm in family law. Sadly the minister of justice did not have the dignity to advise me of this when I specifically asked if he would lend support to legislation that would make custody less of a discretionary issue with the Judges as divided families tend to do whatever is necessary to have custody of our precious children. Needless to say, it would appear that I will have to campaign even harder for what I believe to be fair and just even though I am up against what would appear to be a corrupt family court system.

August 29, 2005

The concentration camps in Ontario have already started.  Example, the Ontario Government just changed legislation to allow courts to put more "fathers" in jail many of whom have falsely imputed incomes decided by an incompetent judge who had a single motivation to be politically correct to win brownie points from the feminist lobby who seek their own funding. What really is an insult to intelligence not to mention justice is that mothers denying access very rarely even get a reprimand let alone the handful in Canadian history who spent very short times in jail.  The Ontario Government does nothing to reduce the case load by dealing with mothers in contempt but prefers to fill their privately run jails owned by their business friends with men, many of them good fathers, who are unable to defend themselves in court.

August 25, 2005

If you think that you can find good lawyer in Ottawa, you are dreaming.  Ottawa is a wasp's nest, the Children's lawyer included.  My advice is to never trust a lawyer in Ottawa unless you poke him/her in the ribs and you are absolutely sure he/she is dead.  I fired my lawyer and I'm representing myself now. I've gotten further by myself than with the lawyer I had (that lawyer cost me $10,000). They all know each other and you can imagine what is going on in the corridors and back rooms of the court house while they joke about how they rip money from families.  Watch these damn lawyers, that's all I can say to you. In Ottawa, one thing I can say from experience is there's rarely justice if you have a penis.

August 23, 2005

After my common-law spouse and I have gone through 2-1/2 years of hell with our Ontario court system (family and criminal) the CAS, and one particular Detective.  I must agree that the majority of Judges, CAS and Police Officers have their own personal" mandate.  They are blind to the wiles of our ex's such as collusion, death threats, assault, damage to our vehicles, theft, fraud and the most serious and disgusting of all, sexual abuse on my partners daughter.  Did you know, men are not allowed to bath their 5 year old daughter?  Consequently while we have suffered severe financial loss, of approx. $65,000.00 in legal fees to date, not to mention the loss of our jobs, the real tragedy here are the affects on our children. We are now, more than ever, determined than ever to fight Canada's corrupt family court system.

August 23, 2005

My purpose in writing you is to add to the growing stack of parents across this country endeavouring to alert the nation to the fact that the family justice system is not only badly failing families and children - but enabling a 'divorce industry' to prey on them with impunity. Self regulation has placed the fox on guard in the henhouse - and proposed reforms have done nothing but shuffle deck chairs around on the Titanic. Despite the dispiriting headlines from Africa, the mideast, and London - a growing number of Canadian families are now being held in thrall and sapped, while the rest of the world looks on in wonder at what has become of this country. As a people we are better than this. How long will it be before our leadership reflects this?  That's my question to you this morning. You all know how bad it is. What remains to be seen is if Canadians have the will to stand up and do something before this country falls into a moral and economic collapse.

August 20, 2005

The arrogance of Canadian family court judges with their destructive decisions is beginning to become known throughout the world. If the people of Canada do not stand up and let their voices be heard, the courts will continue to destroy children and families and take over every aspect of our lives. It is time for us Canadians to speak out and rein in these runaway judicial incompetents.  The Canadian family court system is fast becoming the joke of the world.

August 13, 2005

It seems to me that the lack of Judicial accountability to the public as well as related entrenched bigotry and arrogance, not only within the so-called 'family' Courts' but throughout the entire 'justice' system, are the true root causes of a host of societal problems in Canada. Mechanisms need to be adopted to remove corrupt and openly biased Judges along with the hacks who only received appointment because, besides being trusted to display these faults, filled some specific politically correct criteria. The real solutions lie in imposing a system of true public accountability including regular  reviews of conduct and term limits once on the bench along with elections to office and/or open public screening of all candidates by our duly elected representatives prior to any appointments. Bet the farm that someone like Rosie Abella could never have survived such public vetting before obtaining her current 'for life' post because no government imaginable could or would have had the political capital needed to see her appointment through once her true record had been exposed for all to see.

July 30, 2005

Hello, I'm a 15 year old teenage girl.  I have found your site and I have gone through the same problems as some of the kids whose stories are on your website.  The CAS tried to say my dad was a bad parent as well.  They lied.  They put me in a foster home saying that they wanted to protect me.  What a pile of crap.  While I was in there I left the foster home because it was a horrible place. I did not want to be there and no one could find me.  I eventually got to go home but they kept my sister. I cant understand why I am allowed back home but my sister is not.  While I was in foster care every thing I did I needed permission.  I needed permission even to use the washroom.  I was never afraid of my dad like the CAS said.  He is a loving caring person who would never try to hurt me my mom my brother or my sister  I do not know why C.A.S is making up all these lies and making things so difficult for our family. The CAS sure don't help the people who need it and wreck families who don't need their help.

July 25, 2005

White males in Canada are today Canada's "niggers and Jews". We get treated in the same shameful way. The facts of the matter are irrefutable. And if you want another reminder in similarity in history take a look at how the "laws" of the German Nazi's were applied in the case of their own {Jewish} citizens from 1933-1945. Today, in Canada, hundreds of good, hard working father are being stripped of their children, their homes taken away and they made to pay their ex wives.  Many are being thrown in jail based on the unsubstantiated word of a vindictive ex-wife.  Its a horrible parallel to even think about-just as the "Jim Crow" situation you highlight-but its all so very true. Canada is going down the tubes fast I'm afraid.

July 6, 2005

I hate to be so negative, but I think you can count on one hand the number of decent lawyers in Canada.  When my ex attempted to have me back to court to, no doubt, push for more money out of me, I decided to hire what I thought was a competent lawyer, one who was "father friendly".  I figured if I hired someone who might cost a little more at the time, perhaps one of two things would occur.  One possibility was that my ex and her lawyer might see who my lawyer was and decide their chances to win might be slim, so let's just either drop it or settle, or two, if he was as good as I'd been led to believe, if it went to trial etc. I'd win.

What did I get?  Nothing.  No settlement from the ex, but a bill for close to $6000 from my lawyer.  Not only that, but more than two years after we presented a settlement offer to the ex (to which she nor her lawyer responded to, my soon-to-be ex-lawyer decided to tell me that technically, the offer I presented to the ex was "still on the table" and theoretically she could now come back years later and say she had decided to accept the offer.  That offer, at the time, would have seen me increase what I would have paid to her.  Since she never had responded to my settlement offer, I never changed my payments to her (nor did I legally have to).  Had she decided to accept the settlement offer years after receiving it, I could have found myself looking at having to either come up with a LOT of money (retroactive to the date of the offer), or come up with LOTS of money to pay for a trial etc, fighting her over whether accepting the offer when she did was truly legal.   It did not seem likely that my lawyer was going to tell me about that situation before I had contact him about what was going on with my case.  Needless to say, he's not my lawyer anymore.  I'm out $6000, nothing to show for it.  As I said, I think you can count on one hand the number of decent lawyers there are in ALL of Canada.

July 6, 2005

I just wanted to write and let you know that i appreciated receiving your March & April Newsletters regarding the 13 year old Barrie girl that is being harassed by CAS.  Both newsletters were on the front windshield of my car, which I found when I left Barrie City Hall.  After reading them both, I decided that I would like to receive them on a regular basis, so if you could add me to either your mail or email distribution list (one, not both), I would appreciate it.

My family also experienced some harassment one time from CAS when I was a child in Nova Scotia, but fortunately, they were rebuffed by my father and did not return.

June 21, 2005

The world would be a much better and safer place if people were more spiritual and held virtuous beliefs. It is more than unfortunate that our family courts and the agencies and workers associated with the family courts have literally lost touch with the moral compass, forgetting that our laws formed from the Magna Carta, which derived from the Ten Commandments, straight from God.

June 20, 2005

For the last 20 some odd years I have prayed for a group like Court Watch to come along. The CAS in Barrie and Pembroke destroyed my family in so many ways it would take years to tell you everything.  I am 27, and my siblings are 18, 21 and 24.  None of us talk anymore because of all the things the CAS has been telling them and making them think.  They are so bitter and jealous that they refuse to let me and my father live in peace.  If the CAS had just left us alone we might have been a happy family, now there is just constant bickering.  The CAS has made turned our lives into a ongoing nightmare.

June 9, 2005

Well after over a year of trying and yes waiting that year for my trial it finally came. Rather than receiving justice, I got fifteen minutes to speak out of a two day trial.  There seems nothing I can do to get justice in Canada's family courts.  So in turn I am writing a book and yes using the real names of all that are involved as I am not doing this for money so when they decide to sue me, let them. They can have it all as money is what matters to them all and not the best interest in the child.  I have fought long and hard and put my life on hold while I  have tried to fight for my son.  In the end the family court system screwed me. I have a seedy judge that needs to be removed from the bench and I have made formal complaints with the CJC but that is not enough.  I am tired of being made the criminal and this whole thing has blown way out of proportion.  Really what it comes down to is my ex wife wanted to get laid from somebody else while still portraying the perfect mother and the judge let her.  I have done nothing to our son and I was in fact his only parent for three out of four of the years he has been around but now the judge tells me i am not entitled to know what goes on in my son's life.  This is bullshit and I will not tolerate the corruption and bias from the Canadian court system anymore.  Mark my words, the world will know what kind of justice system we have in Saint John New Brunswick, as I am going to sit on the steps of Parliament in Fredericton until someone who is competent at least looks at what has been done to me.  There is absolutely no rights for fathers in Canada.  The judges and the courts they can all go to hell.

June 6, 2005

As a parent, I will continue to fight our evil and corrupt family justice system.  We simply have no choice if we value our survival. I have no confidence in the Supreme Court of Canada, even more so with the recent appointment of the two new radicals, Charron and Isabella. These two's picture are in the dictionary under the term 'evil', Keep up the fight. We have to for our children and the future of Canada. Who knows, maybe someday there will be a good story for our grandchildren.

May 27, 2005

I am a 17-year-old who has seen and known children who have been apprehended by the Children's Aid Society with experiences and feelings embedded in my mind as I remember their cries for justice. As a person who has known children involved in the CAS, I am more sensitive and depressed to hear the stories of those who have been abused and threatened by those who misuse their power.  This afternoon I read your "Ontario Children's Aid Watch Report" on the apprehension of a 13-year-old girl and have read the injustices and disgusting efforts by CAS operatives and police to make sure she does not live with her father. I feel that this is disgusting. As a child I have saw lying, cheating and desire by my parents, specifically my mother, to make sure that I don't see my father in the proceedings to their divorce. In fact, my father has probably been served with court orders filed by my mother's lawyer over ten times before she got off the idea of restricting my access to him. I had longed and missed to see my gracious old Dad, who legally was battered and beaten by lies. I see him as a role model to me nowadays now that I am a mature teenager who makes decision independently that even after all these years he was still there to fight the court battle.  I myself have developed some keen interests: At the moment, I am do journalism as a hobby and have written for a number of publications.  As a representative of community media, I am interested in interviewing any children about their experiences with the CAS, or anyone else in that matter. Seeing and reading the injustices across this province has enraged my opinions and as a young person, I am ready to do something about it.  As an individual, I am interested in becoming a Youth Advocate for your organisation. As well I am interested to sign any future petitions and participate as a member of the media and/or as a protestor in any future demonstrations you might set up. Thanks very much.

May 20, 2005

Please Court Watch help me.  I don't know what to do.  My husband is in jail wrongfully accused of domestic violence because of me and it sickens me to think of what I have done. I was angry at my husband, started a fight with him, called the police, and now my husband is in jail, The police insisted I that come up with a story of what took place between my husband and myself that night and even though I kept saying "I don't know", eventually they led me and coerced me to come up with what was a "reasonable sounding accusation of domestic abuse." However, no one wants to listen to me when I try to tell them that the story was not true and it was me who was being violent. I have tried to get advice as to what to do but nobody in the court system wants to listen and anything I find on the internet is for the "victim" and nothing for the wrongfully accused in a domestic violence situation. My husband sits in jail now and the courts seem only to want one thing - to find him guilty irregardless of the truth. Can anyone help?

May 18, 2005

Every day I read and hear of people's civil rights being violated here in Canada while the Politicians are closing a blind eye to this travesty. Lets face it....we live in an oppressed society where judges run the show and we the people are lead to think we are free.  To me this is a modern day Holocaust.  They might not be driving us to the gas chamber but worse....they are stealing our wealth...our possessions...our children from us and then say you are free.

May 9, 2005

It has become so painfully clear that the court system in this country favours women over men is leading men to hate their wives and women in general.  And the fact that many women take advantage of this is nothing less than wrong.  It is not healthy for our society that men are being forced to hate women and to refuse to marry.  But as more and more men get destroyed and have their children taken away, the backlash against women is growing.  In my view, after marriage, men don't want more marriage, they're too scared, too injured, to pained, too scarred, so, they just want sex.  Luckily for men, there are still quite a few women, married and single who only want sex too.  The family courts are polarizing our society and destroying the very foundation of our country - the family.  Canada is going to the dogs.

May 8, 2005

I have four boys with three different mothers.  My first two wives left me and tried to prevented me from seeing my first two children. My third wife tried to do the same.  At one point I thought of suicide.  It seemed that the courts only wanted to listen to the mothers.  At one point I gave my problems to God to deal with.  This seemed to lift some of the weight off me.  Then after some biblical counsel I realized that there is something going on here bigger than we can deal with in the physical world. So after many prayers I see my first two boys on a regular bases and have full custody of the other two who I care for every day.  No more fights, No court battles.  The mothers had such a problem trying to keep the children from seeing their loving father and from seeing their siblings that the mothers could no longer handle the problem they were encountering.  The mothers knew what they were doing was wrong and against the teachings of God.  I now have equal shared parenting and things are working just fine with all the kids.  I believe it to be true... they who build a family without God labour in vain

May 4, 2005

I read that the Ontario government plans to spend millions more taxpayer's fund on the FRO to try to make this inept government agency more efficient. The problems with this office is that it cannot be cured by technology. The FRO is acting in a fiduciary capacity, collecting money on behalf of others. Any such agency must have strict internal controls on the disposition of money, or it succumbs to the temptation for employees, and management, to misappropriate funds. Other fiduciary companies, such as banks, stock brokers and insurance companies have controls in place, and regulatory oversight. FRO has none of that.  Further, if a bank makes a mistake and cheats me out of ten thousand dollars, after I make it known to the bank (with the aid of a judicial decision if necessary), the bank will make good, restoring the money to my account, drawing from its own capital. There have been cases in the USA where a father demonstrated to a child support collection agency that they had taken over ten thousand dollars from him erroneously. When the error was acknowledged by the agency, they did not return the funds to the aggrieved father. They told him to collect the money from the mother, something ordinarily impossible. The FRO is doomed to fail in the end.  Nothing can ever make an agency work when its prime directive is to destroy support paying parents and it has no system of accountability for when it workers screw up the lives of families.

April 30, 2005

I am in Iraq and have been here for 10 months serving my country. While on duty, I lost all contact with my wife back  home.  At first, I thought it there was some kind of technical problem.  I tried to get a hold of her every way I could think of at various hours of the day and night (phone, email, neighbors, etc...) After several days of no contact despite all my efforts, my home number was disconnected. I received an e-mail from some lawyer telling me that my wife she was seeking a divorce for reasons and to not try to contact her anymore. I have two children of my own from a previous marriage which she was the step mom and taking care of before I was assigned overseas.  My wife dropped my two children off at my sister's house in another state and from what I have learned from other sources back home, has cleaned out the bank account and all of the stuff from the house and moved out of state. I have a lawyer that is working on this but he says that he can only do so much unless I have a lot of money to pay him. Let me tell you it is very stressful being in a combat zone and getting info like that from back home.  My house has been cleaned out and my kids have lost their home.  The Military or the government has nothing in place to stop an wife from declaring war on those in the Military while they are off protecting our homeland.  How our we expected to be able to carry out our duty as members of the Military, when our wives are allowed to destroy everything, including our children while we are away.

April 28, 2005

I'm really angry with the disgusting things that CAS did to me when I was in foster care.  They put me in such an abusive foster home.  One of the things I was forced to do in the CAS foster home was to turn in my used sanitary pads over to the foster mother before being allowed to have another pad.  Only if I turned in a used pad was I allowed to get another. I was only allowed to take 1 spare sanitary pad to school, aside from the one that was already in use. This caused sever embarrassment at school, due to the fact both pads would be used by just after noon. This also ruined clothes. Making several pants and under garments alike stained with blood. Again more embarrassment. This hurt my dignity and my enjoyment in school. I was almost ashamed to be a woman. I've got many other stories to tell about my experience in foster care and I would like to speak to someone at Court Watch to personally testify of the many horror stories of what I experienced as a foster kid in the system.

April 24, 2005

The "family" courts are institutions that often create more problems than they solve.  They as a court system are utter failures in that they have over and over violated the trust and confidence of a group of parents, mainly fathers.  Because of this mothers flock to them for frivolous and false accusations and are often rewarded for doing so, and fathers avoid them like the plague after being stung a few times by their blatant disregard for the rights of fathers as parents and for their Alice in Wonderland illogic and double speak and double standards.  Too often, especially the working class fathers are left impoverished while the mother laughs all the way to the bank.

April 17, 2005

We live in a period of our history where it is very bad to be a father in the family courts, but we must also recognize and accept that in most cases where there is little or no evidence, a judge doesn't have a lot to go on other than his/her gut about what is being presented in court. If it is a custody dispute, a judge can and will uphold the status quo because dad was unable to bring any evidence into the court that would tell a judge that dad is offering something better than the status quo.

April 12, 2005

In addition to the judges and lawyers, the Guardian ad Litems, Psychologists and Counsellors contribute to the corruption occurring in child custody cases. Many of the so called "experts" are colluding with favorite attorneys and recommend their favorite counsellors for never ending therapy. It is an epidemic that is causing permanent harm to our children, and draining entire financial resources of the families (fathers) involved

April 11, 2005

The rule of law is fundamental to the very existence of our society. The rule of law is basically the concept that the judiciary is independent of the legislature and executive. A better and more detailed nine point analysis was written by Dicey years ago and can be researched on the internet.

The argument for the rule of law is that the judiciary should be defending the supremacy of natural rights and our constitution against any legislative or policing infringements. In other words, the Charter of Rights is a contract between the citizens and its governors and the Judges are supposed to be protecting the citizens. The problem arises when the governors appoint the judiciary who are ideological biased and loyal to the deterministic principles of the governors. What happens is the deterministic ideologies (ie socialism, liberalism, securlism) will often be in conflict of the fundamental principles of liberty and the Constitutions or Charter. The judiciary, by their ideological decisions contrary to the facts and the rule of law, are in contravention of the rule of law and our fundamental principles, such as property rights, liberty and the ability to decide on moral issues like abortion or gay marriage.

The moral of the story is that any judicial activism based on ideology other than defending the Charters or Constitution is effectively a tyranny. Read Men in Black by Levin or Road to Serfdom by Frederick Haydek. Great reads and understanding about liberty versus tyranny. Hove no doubt people, the judiciary in Canada has failed to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens and has effectively turned Canada into nothing but a tyranny. Not a nice thing for Canadians to find out after being brainwashed since childhood that Canada is supposed to be one of the best countries to live in the world.  In essence, the rule of law no longer applies in Canada.

April 8, 2005

I got my first taste of what it's like trying to get a cop to do something about denied visitation. The ex denied me the court ordered visitation for the tenth I went to the police station in the town I thought would have jurisdiction over where she lives (she's in an in-between section of town... this is also the town the "exchange" is ordered to take place in). The cops there said they didn't have jurisdiction, so I would either have to try my local police station, or the one of the town she lives in.  So, I thought I would try my local police station... I went with my court order, and I asked them to make a report about a denial of court ordered visitation. Their reply, "I'm sorry sir, that's a civil matter, you'll have to contact your attorney.. you could try the police department in your Ex's town"..instead of driving another 20miles, I decided to call them (recorded the call too). Once again "civil matter....can't do anything...try your local police station and have them write an incident report".  It seems that these cops don't want to enforce a court Order for a dad.  Yet if a citizen breaks any other court order, the cops will step in almost immediately. I was only asking for them to document it. I gave up trying to get the cops to create a report, and I decided to call the ex up (after trying 4 of the 5 numbers she gave me as "EMERGENCY" contacts... 3 of the numbers were disconnected).  Court Orders aren't worth the paper they are printed on.  Justice in Canada is but a dream.

April 5, 2005

I am a non-custodial parent who is suffering because of the huge amount of money (almost 50% of my gross income!) each month to child support. And I never get to see my kids on top of that! I fully stand behind any form of legislation that would help give Canadian fathers a voice because as it stands now, fathers in Canada have no rights at all.

March 31, 2005

Shame on the family court system that exploits tragedy. Shame on a Justice Minister that won't listen to the children. Shame on a Prime Minister that considers the trafficking of human suffering an economic engine. Shame on a country that knowingly violates the human rights of non-custodial parents. 2000 suicides in Canada a year and not one of the many black hole government departments dares to expose the root of the desperation or the magnitude of the devastation to millions of ordinary people. A bullet to the head would be much more humane than to put so many fathers through the suffering of family court. I hate this country. Canada does nothing except abuse children and fathers.

March 27, 2005

Surely it's time to question what has happened to our justice system and to wonder if it is possible to return to a system that truly does protect us from wrongs. (Justice John F. Molloy)

March 25, 2005

Recently, I appeared before Madame Justice Coats. At the beginning of the court, I asked to record my court proceedings.  She considered my arguments but then like a slippery snake noted my request for an adjournment and moved on to that.  She moved on to other matters including the adjournment while conveniently bypassing the subject of recording. Justice Coats then deferred my matter for costs until next hearing; however I did ask her to dispose of costs one way or the other. Rule 17 says if adjournment is granted the judge shall award costs immediately.  She avoided those things which she did not want to deal with and basically bypassed her responsibility as a judge to make decisions.  Later, I found out that this same Justice Coats had already granted permission for another person to tape record in their court matter on a previous occasion.  It would appear that Justice Coats cannot even be consistent.

My view is that while she has a pleasant demeanour, she should be consistent and SHE SHOULD KNOW HER RESPONSIBILITY AND DISPOSE OF MATTERS ACCORDING TO THE RULES>.. OF THE 3 RULES THAT DAY 1) Recording 2) Adjournment per RULE 19 and 3) COSTS per RULE 17... SHE ONLY GOT 1/3 that day.  Not a very good showing for a superior court judge.  No wonder the courts are getting backlogged.  These incompetent judges are getting paid huge amounts of money to made decisions and then they squirm their way out.  The family court system is nothing but a bunch of crap!

March 25, 2005

This is down right frightening - Like non-custodial parents don't already have a hard enough time dealing with FMEP. So far over the past 8 years I have watched my husband be hounded mercilessly by an organization that feels they are above the law. My husband's ex has two children from two different fathers, and as a result has two separate child support orders and two separate FMEP case files. Over the past 5 years, FMEP has continually mixed up the information from both cases. My husband has been harassed for financial information regarding a job he never held. The other father was working there. My husband has had payments he made be credited to the other father's account, and has had to fight for almost a year to get it corrected. The list goes on and on. The other father has been a true deadbeat - but yet FMEP keeps trying to take it out on my husband.

March 22, 2005

Even though I have never physically or emotionally abused my wife or children. My wife has opted for the shelter as a way to speed up the subsidized housing avenue. I have no criminal record and am a great all round dad with season zoo passes, science centre passes, and amusement park passes. I also do not smoke or drink or do drugs. My idea of a good time is to stay up past 10 pm.  So how do I locate this shelter where my wife is hiding out with the kids? If I want access to my kids I must first find out where she is to serve her.  The CAS also aided my wife to hide the kids by telling me she was going to Mcdonald's with the kids. The police searched across the country for three days before the CAS confessed and admitted they knew where the kids were all the time.. That was many taxpayers dollars down the drain, and the CAS helped to encourage my wife to take the children and to leave a good life because she had the right to live a single life if she wanted.  How do you serve people you cannot find and the authorities actually help to hide the kids?  There clearly is no justice for fathers who have to go up against those government funded agencies which are supposed to be helping our children.  The CAS and the shelters are encouraging families to break up and encouraging mothers to break the law.

March 20, 2005

Just a couple of years ago, when I was a law student, I had an interesting, even if short, conversation with a Justice of the Alberta Court of Appeal. My class on "Criminal sentencing" was engaged in a mooting exercise, and the Justice was recruited by the professor to hear our presentations and offer informal feedback. In response to one defence-counsel mooter in the class he said, "You have to play the hand you are dealt; you can't try to fudge the facts. And often there are only two facts you have going for you when arguing to sentence: (1) that your client is a first offender, and (2) that (s)he is a woman. I suppose it is heretical to say this, but the fact is that women are generally treated better by the justice system...."  Later, in my moot, I was Crown counsel in a cocaine importing scenario. The convicted person was a woman. I produced a number of precedents (involving men) which supported giving the convict a significantly higher sentence than was imposed by the trial judge in our scenario. Again the Justice said in his comments on the moot, after acknowledging the strength of my arguments, "In this case, I wouldn't have changed the trial judge's sentence. The offender was a woman, and women generally receive sentences that are between one-quarter and one-third less than men for the same crime...."

After the mooting exercise was over, I asked the Justice how someone could raise the issue of sentencing disparities on behalf of the Crown or defence without insulting the Court by basically saying that they had been sexist in their past decisions. He said that one couldn't very well raise the issue.

Notwithstanding anything in this Charter, the rights and freedoms referred to in it are guaranteed equally to male and female persons.I pressed him, asking, "But isn't the 'female discount' a violation of s. 28 of the Charter?"  "Yes, I suppose it is." "And aren't judges sworn to uphold the Constitution?"  "Well, yes," he conceded, somewhat (but not very) sheepishly. And then as if in exculpation, he said, "But this is an institutional fact which isn't going to change. And it doesn't exist only at sentencing. It is routine practice when a man and woman are charged with the same offence [e.g. cultivating marijuana in their house] for the Crown to offer to drop the charges against the woman if the man pleads guilty."  Now remember that this is coming from a member of the Alberta Court of Appeal -- there's no higher legal authority in Canada other than the Supreme Court. He was perfectly open about the "female discount" to students he had never met before; somewhat uncomfortable with the fact, but basically just stating what he regarded as an obvious and unchangeable fact. Try to imagine the same attitude if the discussion were about a "white person's discount" or an "aboriginal mark-up" in sentencing.

March 18, 2005

The Ontario Office of the Children's Lawyer was involved with my court case.  What a bunch of lying and incompetent idiots.  In the first assessment I went through the assessor lied in her report about what collaterals had said to her.  Every one of the five collaterals the OCL worker used in her report reportd to me that they never said what was reported in the OCL report.  I got five retractions by the OCL worker after I contacted the collaterals and then confronted the OCL worker.  The OCL worker had twisted what the collaterals had reported so that it favoured my ex-wife.  The OCL assessor never imagined I would contact the collaterals to verify their statements.  Was she ever surprised when I confronted her.  The OCL report was not worth the paper it was written on.  I wonder how many thousands of tax dollars were collected by the OCL to make that piece of s##t they tried to call a report.  That OCL office is one big waste of taxpayer's dollars.

March 17, 2005

I recently read the report containing recommendations by the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Agencies. Although there were a very few good recommendations, the vast majority are self serving for all the Children's Aid Agencies in the Province of Ontario.  Under the CAS proposals, the court process will become nothing but high cost mediation.  Spanking will become grounds for removal of children.  Unlicensed and unqualified CAS workers will no longer need a warrant to raid homes and take away kids.  The complaint process will be eliminated so people will not have anywhere effective to take their complaints.  The time to make kids permanent wards will be shortened.  Emotional abuse becomes a ground for removal of children  If the recommendations are passed, 40% of children in Ontario will end up in care or have files open on them.  Billions more of taxpayer's money will be funnelled into CAS agencies while schools, hospitals and programs for the elderly, suffer. Even George Orwell did not envision how children and families would be controlled by agencies such as the CAS.  Ontario is quickly heading for self destruction through abuse of power and authority by these CAS workers.

March 16, 2005

I got joint custody and shared parenting after a two week trial and two Office of the Children's Lawyer Assessments over a three year period.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses.  My kids have suffered at the hands of their abusive mother.  She has been diagnosed as borderline personality disorder.  There was documented history of abuse and neglect.  She has mental problems.  If I had done what she had done after we separated, I would have been lucky to have supervised access.  Of course, because she is a woman she gets to keep her parenting privilege. Of course even with shared parenting and 50% time, she gets to collect the child support.  We will likely be in court again in the year to come because she is not happy with 50%.  She wants it all.

March 11 2005

Re: National Post - Judge Haunted by Inara's Ordeal

Ontario Justice Zuker gives us a rare look inside his feelings concerning rulings he made in his court regarding Inara and her parents.  Sadly, the logical extension of the defensive attitudes he displayed in his interview is to cut off all contact between non-custodial parents and their children, even when there is no evidence offered of a risk of harm.  Justice Zuker needs a big dose of common sense.  it is clear from the story that Mr. Amarsi’s recent progress in finding employment and a safe residence for his daughter was "rewarded" by Justice Zuker with a 200% increase in child support and few hours’ access that must have felt like a slap in the face to an anxious parent who had never been permitted to spend one night with his five year old daughter.  No doubt, Justice Zuker likely ordered Mr. Amarsi to pay several thousand dollars of his ex-wife’s legal fees, as well. Justice Zuker left Mr. Amarsi with no hope that he could ever be a real father to his daughter, and any human being with no hope is a danger to himself and others.  Psychologists without feminist bias can cite a growing body of commentary on subjects like "Parental Grief Syndrome" and "Involuntary Child Absence Syndrome" where parents subject to the arbitrary actions of Family Courts succumb to uncontrollable rage. These days, Family Courts are not places of hope for anxious parents seeking their natural right to raise their children.  Maybe Justice Zuker should take a leave to examine whether his understanding of human nature matches his demonstrated mastery of feminist legal theory.

March 11 2005

I read your articles about the York Region Children's Aid Society posted on your site.  I have had personal dealings with the York Region CAS and let me tell you that their complaints process is nothing but a joke.  I went up all the levels to the Board of Directors and received totally unsatisfactory responses to very valid and documented issues.  AT the Board of Directors, I recommended that they needed accountability to the whole complaints process.   i.e. # of them made and how many were resolved in which way.  I might as well have been talking to a brick wall.   The reasons for their lack of accountability (and no desire to do so) is obvious as they are incompetent and blatantly biased.  My next step (and have been diverted form it for months now) was to take to the Ministry level with a complaint.  The York Region CAS is a disaster of an organization up to McNamarra the Exec Director who I got to meet on at least 3 occasions.   Any complaints about that organization will fall on deaf ears within the complaints process of that that organization.

March 3, 2005

I am a 21 year old student.  My mother has been hostile and aggressive with me when I was younger and now she is doing this to my 13 year-old brother. She almost brainwashed me when I was little to almost hating my father but as I got older I started to see what she was doing. I moved out of her home at 18 because I could not stand her abusive behaviour.  I found a document which described a form of parenting called Hostile-Aggressive Parenting (HAP) on a website at  After reading about HAP, I was concerned to see that my mother exhibited many of the examples listed in this document.  I did not begin researching the lifelong problems my brother and I have had with my mother until this week when my brother was put on Ritalin after following 2 weeks of acting out at home.  I now understand that most of my brother's problems are caused by my mother's behaviours over the years and her attempts to use the court system against my father.  I can now see that the court system has allowed her to abuse us and to prevent us from having a meaningful relationship with our father for so many years.  I hope that your organization will help make these courts see that kids need support to have a relationship with both parents.  The court system only supported my mother and never listened to what we kids had to say when we were younger.  Now that I am older and can understand things better, I can now see how the court system supported my mother at the expense of our relationship with our father.  As a result, much damage has been done to my brother and myself. Many good years and good experiences with our dad have been lost which we will never regain. Hopefully, the efforts of your organization will help to ensure that other kids do not have to suffer as my brother and I have had to suffer over the past years.

March 2, 2005

The term, "CHILD SUPPORT" may sound good and be politically correct but don't be fooled.  The implication of the very words are misleading and fraudulent.  Child support is not about supporting children!  It is the outright exploitation of children and families by the courts and the lawyers. The government uses children and creates what they call a "child support payor" out of one of their parents. This is systematic slavery. It is not at all about supporting children but everything to do with a disgusting, self-serving political agenda which keeps lawyers and courts busy.

March 1, 2005

In the nineties I was told by my lawyer that the Equal Parenting legislation would never go through, because the Gays & Lesbians would shut it down.  (Hedi Fry DID shut down the change to make false accusations prosecutable among others.)   My lawyer said the courts LIKED screwing over Dads and were going to shove through Gay Marriage.   He said they could do this because “at least a third of the Judges and Law Society members and everybody in the Government Offices were then populated by the Gay Activists, and they did not like divorced fathers. This all sounded preposterous to me at the time, but you know what - he was right! There are now SIX BC lawyers saying the same thing with a raised estimate of “more like half and at least forty-something percent”.  They say these women brag in the court lounges how they trashed over some poor Dad that morning.  These activist judges use the Courts to transfer wealth from men to women, because of the so-called wrongs done to women up to the sixties or so, and the BRAG about it with other judges & lawyers.  These judges and lawyers can't think beyond the end of their noses.  They are slowly but surly destroying our country, one family at a time with their family court games.

February 28, 2005

Tell me - what is the percentage of mother/father having sole custody.  And the fathers having their children every second week-end and one night during the week and often when the kids starts school the mid-week visit ends up only being a couple of hours during the week. What the fathers (at least as I understand it) want is "shared" parenting - and that, to me, means 50% of the time.  Why do the mothers move away after divorce - taking the children miles and miles away - making it almost impossible for the fathers to travel - taking into consideration the cost to get there and the cost to stay there plus the cost of entertaining their children while they are there.  I know from first hand experience what I am talking about.  My deceased husband went through this.  Let's all work together to get these outdated laws changed - to "shared custody" and if one of the parents want to move away - then LET THEM GO - but the children STAY in the community they were born unless both parent's agree otherwise. Simple as that!

February 26, 2005

When my husband and I were in an Ontario court last year against the CAS, one of court employees took us aside and warned us about the Office of the Children's Lawyer and told us that they generally take a position which supports the CAS. The woman, who said she was a Christian women told us that many of the things being done to children and families in the court were in the opinion of herself and a number of other court workers, criminal.  But she could not speak out about the truth because she would be fired and could not afford to lose her job with a family to support.   She even gave us a handwritten note which we have copied to Court Watch.  We cannot disclose her name because she was an honest and sincere person and we would not want to see her lose her job.   It seems that even some of the court employees themselves know that there is corruption in the court system but are terrified to speak out against the evil that is being done to families inside of these family courts.  How can there be any justice in Canada, when even court employees live in fear of speaking the truth about these judges and lawyers.

February 25, 2005

Reform of the Child and Family Services Act in Ontario is needed now ... kids and families in our own country are living in terror from the government created and controlled children's aid agencies.  The persecution and destruction of families by CAS agencies is not what Canada is supposed to be about. We have unlicensed and unregulated workers with these CAS agencies having more power than judges and in some cases going against judge's court Orders.  In Nazi Germany under Hitler they had a government funded organization called the SS.  Sadly, in Ontario today, we have a government funded organization called the CAS.

February 23, 2005

My family and I are having problems addressing the Children's Aid Society of York Region. They stole our child and put her in foster care without anyone in her family being made aware of this for days. Since then, they have told us we are not to try and contact her in anyway or if we did try, the York CAS would move her to another foster home a long ways away.  Initially, they said that they would return her within 30 days, The the 30 days became 6 months and after 6 months they still kept her.   It now has been almost two years since they took my child. It is clear to me now that they have no intention on giving her back. All she needed was a few tests done because of health problems.  She already had a doctor looking after her but CAS took her to one of their own doctors who wrote what the CAS wanted to be written so that they could justify keeping her locked up.  Since they took her two years back they had us visit her once a week for one hour at the Children's Aid office. It never seemed like a normal visit however because there was always a worker listening in behind glass and we were forbidden to speak of certain topics.  We were not even allowed to speak to her about coming home or we would be told our visits would be terminated.  We were not to call our daughter because we are not allowed her foster home phone number, or address. Also since she was taken her visits have been becoming less frequent. The CAS have missed many of our visits since they allowed her over to the house with a worker attending to taking notes. Telephone calls from our child have been much less frequent since she was initially taking from our family. All of our conversations were being listened to, and we were to keep off certain subjects that would reveal their lies and deceptions, When you call the CAS, you always get a tape and they never return your phone calls unless they want to get a hold of you. All of us miss her and believe that she is unhappy and kept in the dark of what is happening or about her rights.  My child is a afraid that she might be in foster care forever. She is being kept a virtual prisoner by them. We need help to find a way to fight this losing battle because there is just no way to win with this corrupt government funded agency. I believe that the rights of children are being violated by the CAS.

February 22, 2005

My wife was originally from Canada. We married in the US and had one child who was born in the US who is now 2 years of age.  I live in the south west US.  My child has a half brother who was really attached to his baby sister.    6 months ago my wife left the country with our without any notice to me whatsoever. She threw away her green card which took a couple of years to obtain and moved back to Canada with her parents who live in the Toronto area of Ontario.  Although our daughter was a US citizen my ex seemed to have no problem going back to Canada.  I uncovered documents after she left in which I found out she had gone to one of our "safe houses" which is the equivalent to one of your women's shelters in Canada.  On this document she describes outlines the things her lawyer and the sate counsellors advised her to do.  One of the strategies described was how to get me set up for domestic abuse and to take money from our account and stash it away.  This whole kidnapping of my child was carefully planned with those at the "safe house" for women and with people up in Canada and her parents.  She planned this 6 months in advance.  She had a lawyer already set up in Canada.  I just came home one day and she was gone. I have talked to a number of people in my state and it seems that everyone knows that Canada is known as being one of the safest places for women to go if you want to kidnap their children from another country and have a safe place to hide.  It seems that Canada's reputation as being a safe place for mothers to kidnap their children has reached even the far corners of the USA.  Some of the legal people I spoke to say that most knew about a government organization called the FRO which was known for it oppressive policies of collecting money from dads no matter where they lived in the world.  Everyone down here tells me that the Canadian government does everything to help mothers and that chances are, that I will never get to have a meaningful relationship with my daughter.

February 21, 2005

I am very disappointed and frustrated about the court system not giving me any respect as a parent of my children.  After being in court a few times now, I see the bias against fathers by the courts and the children's aid society. My ex partner had children's aid become involved shortly after leaving our family home and has used them to persecute me and the kids. She makes unfounded allegations and the CAS automatically believe her. I am not given the chance to rebut the allegations.  My lawyer drags her feet and seems totally unable to mount an effective defence against the CAS.  My children are suffering because of my ex partners inability to effectively parent the children. I am totally lost as to how the whole system got turned on me,  My ex left the home, took me to court and in spite of court orders for me to see the children, does not even show up for me to get the kids. She won't give her phone number or address and about the only times she shows up at access is when she has a date and needs a free babysitter. She seems to do as she pleases and the court Orders aren't worth the paper they are written on.   Last time I tried to reason with her she told me that her lawyer had told her that the judges in the Toronto region would rarely punish a woman for denying access so she just snubs her nose up at the court without a care in the world. HELP !!!!!!

February 20, 2005

I stumbled across your Court Watch Website by sheer accident and was sure glad I did.  I have waited so long for someone to bring this dilemma to the forefront of our Canadian legislature, judiciary and community. As a grandmother, I have watched my son almost get destroyed by the court system which seems to reward my former daughter-in-law for leaving the marriage to be with a man she met on the internet and who now denies the children's access to their father and to me as well.  I am 66 years of age and was born and raised in Canada and as a Canadian Grandparent, I am utterly ashamed of how justice has been subverted by these out of control family court judges and most of the workers who are working in the system. The family court system is an embarrassment for all us Canadians.

February 20, 2005

My husband's 2nd ex-wife was hostile and abusive to his first ex-wife with the kids.  She psychologically abused my husband's son from his first marriage trying to get the boy to hate his mother.  But it did not work, she did not get custody and now that she has divorced my husband she is now acting hostile towards my hubby and alienating the children she had with him.  All I can say is once an alienator, always an alienator.  Some alienators just cannot see the forest through the trees.  If you want some good advice, if you ever date a man or woman who you can see acts in a hostile matter towards their ex partner, chances are you are going to get the same treatment only in a matter of time.

February 20, 2005

There once was a time during the dark ages when people were persecuted and accused. The only solution back then was to accept the accusations and die or suffer under barbaric torture till you accept the accusations and then die. We called those days the days of the Spanish Inquisition. Well welcome to the Canadian Inquisition also known as the FRO, the year is 2005, we are now civilized, we think we are proud to live in what we believe is a democratic country, a country supposedly with rights, a country where people are supposed to be innocent till proven guilty, a civilized society that supposedly deems torture barbaric and punishes the torturers, where we spend countless resources, where we loose lives defending people that live under oppressive regimes all over the world, we support a political system that should look after our rights, we claim to strive for equality among gender, race and religion.  But look what we have in Ontario.  We claim to be the best country in the world to live yet the people of Ontario are given the FRO. The FRO is nothing more than an oppressing dictatorship, a dictatorship under which if you are unfortunate to be a father you have no rights, their understanding of equality is that it does not matter if you are a loving father or a deadbeat, they treat you equal, they tell you what they think you owe and the only solution is to accept it and die or contested and be tortured and then die, well it seems to me that those dark days of the Inquisition, days that mankind is not proud of.  Those dark days are back my fellow Canadians, but not in Spain this time but in this country we call Canada. The powers to be in Canada have embarked on writing the new chapter in the Canadian Inquisition and in the years ahead, all the ruined and destroyed fathers and children will be looked upon as innocent martyrs.  If you want to live, pay up what you don't owe and die, or disagree and then die.  As for me they can kill me if they want but I won't bend under the oppressive FRO. I sympathise with all of those non-custodial parents out there who are currently under the iron grip of the FRO.  Continue to fight for your rights as these FRO barbarians are out to destroy you any way they can at great loss to our society.

February 19, 2005

Logic? Reason? In family court? Family court is the antithesis of logic and reason. These people do what they want and they are not accountable.

February 18, 2005

My brother is in constant fear of being taken back to court by his ex-spouse, constantly violating his rights to see his children.  She always has something new to accuse him of. We have to supervise his visitation, not because of court mandate and not because we fear he will harm the children in any way, but because we fear what she might accuse him of and the court always seems to side with the mother in her complaints.  My brother pays child support and wants time with his children. He is a good father and this is what he gets for it. He is broke and now he has to go back to court again without a lawyer. This abuse has gone on for 10 years.

February 17, 2005

I have watched my husband go through years of hell and all of his rights violated by his ex and the family court system. All for a child that is still being kept from him and being neglected and abused by the mother.  I am appalled at how this court system works or should I say how it does not work.  There clearly is no justice for Canadian Fathers, their second spouses or their families.

February 16, 2005

I went to Queen's Park earlier today for the rally about the CAS.  I saw the Reverend Baxter speak in the press gallery and outside the Parliament.  I also got a chance to speak to this man.  I was impressed with his powerful down-to-earth words about justice and accountability. I just wish some of our lawyers, judges and politicians could be as honest as this man.  Your organization has a good man heading it.

February 15, 2005

The churches are in an uproar over gay marriage, father's can't see their own children unless their ex's allow it, grandparents are being denied the opportunity to spoil their grandchildren and now men have to pay for ex's to lounge around on your paycheck even when there are no children involved? That should be written in the nuptials. " Do you promise to love honour and spend your husband's paychecks till death do you part? I DO and do you promise to love honour and continue to pay after your divorced? Do I have a choice? NO" you may now kiss your new wallet, and your life goodbye" Wedding vows seem so appropriate for what's happening in our society. Marriage is no longer the sacred institution it once was. Every one of my aunts and uncles were and are still married or widowed. They didn't run away from problems, they worked on them. I realize some marriages just don't work. But couples don't even try.  Their vows are taken very lightly and the ones that truly pay for it are the kids. My son is going to trial in a couple of months to buy time with his daughter (that is the bottom line) I would like to go in with letters from every adult who was a victim of divorce and the effect it had on them so the judge can tell me how denying the child the right to know the rest of her family is in her best interest. For the record, before his ex left, he begged her to try counselling first before she threw in the towel. She refused now he must pay. My granddaughter is to young to talk, who will be her voice?

February 14, 2005

I was in family court and had my lawyer argue to get a lawyer for my children.  All I can say is that these incompetents are BAD NEWS for fathers. I severely regret pushing my lawyer to get these.  These incompetent Office of the Children's Lawyer workers lied about what the kids said and took almost a year to get a report.  My kids told me that these OCL workers kept trying to get them to say they wanted to live with their mother.  My kids were totally disgusted with the OCL workers.

February 14, 2005

My daughter was taken from school, with out the parents consent or knowledge for some 6 1/2 hrs later before I was able to locate her whereabouts, "that the police had taken her from school."The mother and I received no information from he school at all. I have been required repeatedly , to attend Family Court, and they have taken and where granted "Temporary Custody" of my daughter and I have been fighting for over two years now to get her home. Is there hope or is this the real life of a Canadian family "For the government to do with what they chose?" I have so much to say  and can prove every word I state!  The CAS, apprehended my daughter, from the mother in 2002 and I have exhausted all my finances on legal representation trying to get custody of my daughter.  I have been forced to defend myself against malicious lies and innuendos, ranging from drug use to pedophilia as stated in court documents put before the Courts by the CAS, stating that their information come from  “Identifiable Individuals.” The police state it came from a Crime Stoppers Tip. When I ask that these “Identifiable Individuals” be named so that I may have them criminally charged and be forced to answer for the terrible consequences which my entire family has been forced to endure, I am informed by legal counsel that I do not have that right in Family Court, just Criminal Court.  My daughter, who was 8 years old when apprehended and is now 11 years old and has been in “Temporary Custody of the CAS  “Foster Care” for over two years now and in that time period, while under their care “CAS” my daughter has been abandon in a parking lot by the CAS arranged transportation, left in the care of known drug users/dealers/prostitutes!  I have done all that is possible to correct this matter; from lodging a formal complaint with the CAS  “which is a very long procedure” which resulted in me just being ignored!  I have applied for Legal Aid, which resulted in a refusal by the Area Director of Legal Aid as he is also the lawyer for the CAS. We the people, should demand accountability from these corrupt and incompetent agencies.

February 13, 2005

Last year on Jan 12th, 2004, I had to break into my best friend's garage in Halton Hills, Ontario, only to find him dead behind the wheel of his car. He gassed himself with the exhaust of his car.  You see, my friend Chris committed suicide as a result of severe depression brought on by a corrupt family law system in this country. This man was the text book definition of Mr. Mom . He cooked, cleaned, did it all. When he caught his wife having an affair she took their 2 kids and moved out. After that, he was only allowed supervised visit's and he had to pay.  Oh yes, pay. That's the way us fathers are treated. We are only seen as an income source and nothing else. The Milton, Ontario court system took his kids away from him, forced him into paying his ex-wife for her unfaithfulness and in the end he killed himself. I have a copy of his suicide note.  Now, two beautiful twin 7 yr old girls will never see their father again. The mother is alienating them from the grandparents.  Where is the justice in that? What happened on Jan 12th, 2004 should have never happened. My friend ended his life because of the family court system never gave him a chance to be the wonderful father to his children and punished him for his wife's cheating ways.  I said to all his friends at the funeral when I delivered the eulogy that fathers need their children and children need their fathers.  Why are fathers being punished? When will the Canadian government stand up and realize that children and fathers of this country are suffering. Why must it be all about money? Why are fathers treated this way? How many more fathers have to kill themselves before these corrupt judges wake up?

February 12, 2005

Two months ago I was trying to locate my son at a school that I was sure he was registered at by his mother.  If it wasn't for him telling me that that was the school he was at I would not have found him.  School officials told me he wasn't registered under his real name. His mother was able to register him under another name without producing a birth certificate. This is the same school division that took my kid's mothers word for it that I had no parental rights to my own child.  All they do is ask the parent (usually the mother) what name you would like to register your child under. No need to produce a birth certificate as he is on file already. When non-custodial parents go looking for their kids they can't find them. I talked to Child Find and they do not check schools, and if they did, they would be under a different name. With the help of the schools, custodial parents are able to take kids into hiding so as to take them away from their con-custodial parents. Schools are part of the problem as well in helping custodial parents who are trying to alienate their child from the other parent.

February 11, 2005

I'm a teenager trapped in the care of the CAS. Today, I was supposed to go to Xxxxx and see my friend Xxxxxxxxx. We had everything planned out and drivers were arranged. Yesterday my friend Xxxxxxxxx called me, and before I picked up the phone the foster parent told me, "By the way, Xxxxxxx (the mean foster home boss) cancelled the visit with your friend."  I have committed no crimes and I have a good loving home with my family that I should be at.  CAS is keeping me away from my friends and are trying to force me to do things which I know are not right and right.   They are trying to force me to live with an abusive mother and punishing me by forcing me to live in foster care and not let me see my father.  Now I really have no social life, other then talking on the phone, and at school. I am very upset about this, and I feel that these CAS people are nothing but a bunch of thugs, gangsters and child abusers.  I haven't done ANYTHING with my friends out of school ever since I came into CAS foster care a couple of months ago. In addition to this, another adult who lives in the foster home has me scared.  I'm very scared, and I've been in my room (with the door locked) basically all day. I feel like I am a prisoner in my own room under the care of the CAS.  I just want to go home with my family who love me.  These CAS people are making all kinds of money off me being in foster care and they are the ones abusing me.  I was never abused like this until CAS came into my life.  Please have Reverend Baxter help me.

February 11, 2005

The family courts are set up today so that men are basically sold into slavery by the state. The court-ordered and legislatively mandated maternal pensions are the biggest scam going. The current system of maternal pensions is a judicial/political shakedown which should be broken by applying anti-racketeering laws to it.  It frustrates me no end to see fathers whose goals are to have their access order enforced and to get a few shekels taken off their so-called "child support". Access is not parenting, and child support is not a financial issue. Freedom is the issue; freedom is not padded leg irons, and more gruel.  The only support a child needs from his father is his father. "Good fathers" do not pay. Good fathers refuse to pay. Good fathers stand up to the worst human rights abuse of our time and say, "No, I won't pay". Good fathers won't pay for a baby-sitter they don't want or need. If there were more good fathers out there who wouldn't pay, fathers wouldn't have to beg for their children. Paying isn't parenting. It's the opposite of parenting. Uncaring and irresponsible parents pay people to look after their kids. Good parents look after their children in their own homes. Good parents don't expect somebody else to bankroll their family, they aren't begging for a handout -- they do it themselves.  If the family courts really wanted fathers to support their children they would give them equal rights to their children so that fathers could support their children by being there in their lives to support them. In reality, the courts here in Canada are not looking after children's best interests -- they are looking after the best interests of mothers.

February 10, 2005

The unfair treatment of non-custodial parents (and their family members) by the family courts must come to an end. Parents suffer greatly, but the ultimate victims are our darling children. Many children of divorce go through life thinking that they are not wanted and not loved by their non-custodial parent (usually fathers) who they hardly get to see much of the time. We as parents and grandparents must fight to bring justice for our children and to make these corrupt Canadian family courts accountable. There is no greater cause today than to restore justice to the Canadian family court system.  People talk about Canada being a good place to live, but I have seen some of the worst human rights violations of children right in our own court system. Many of these biased and incompetent family court judges ought to be tarred and feathered and put up on public display in front of our court buildings.

February 9, 2005

My husband and I are sick and tired of seeing my son being persecuted and left without any form of income to support himself.  Before my husband and I knew about all this corruption in the courts, we  mortgaged our house to help our son get access to his children but after his lawyer spent all the money, the lawyer stopped serving him. The legal aid lawyers our son got after that were totally useless and took the last bit of money our family had.  We are now in our retirement years and now being forced to sell our own home because we cannot keep up the payments. Our son cannot support himself now because of child support and spousal support payments are too high.  Yet, our former daughter-in-law is allowed to sit at home and not work and drive around in her new car.  An entire Canadian family has been destroyed by the immigrant woman who obviously came to Canada to marry a Canadian man and to take advantage of this country's mothers-win-all family courts.   This immigrant woman who once lived in poverty in her home country now lives quite nicely now in Canada, while 8th generation Canadian family goes down the tubes.  The judges in this country are sick in the head and are literally destroying Canadian families and helping to transfer the wealth that Canadian families have saved over the generations and allowed immigrants who have absolutely no respect for our country or our laws to literally steal the assets of a Canadian family.

February 8, 2005

The rights and freedoms of children are routinely ignored by lawyers, judges and child protection workers for the  purpose of destroying families and denying fathers and good grandmothers (like me) the basic human right to remain part of our children and grandchildren's lives. All kings of government workers get paid of the pain and misery of destroying families such as those workers with the FRO as they enforce debts that they unconstitutionally impose on non-custodial parents. This country is falling apart due to the continuing injustices in the "family" court system.

February 7, 2005

It would appear that the judges and lawyers don't really care about the kids and that all they care about is Money!!!! Money!!!! and more Money!!!! These legal people do not understand and don't care. This ruling where support can go back retroactive will open the flood gates to more money for the lawyers. Let me guess, hire a lawyer at 250 per hour or more, he drags a $100,000 retroactive support payment on as long as he can, then gets his half.  The father dies penniless and the kids get nothing.  This whole damn family court system sickens me.

February 6, 2005

I would like someone from Court Watch to go to court and defend my wants, and needs.  I'm 12 years of age and you see, I'm not happy with the way the children's lawyer has said things. There are many things in her report that were not true, some as serious as when she said that the third and final time that she had come to see me, I had said that I have completely changed my mind and that I wanted to live with my mom, which I had not said!  The children's lawyer, outright lied about what I had told her.   What really bothers me is that I have had a bad experience with the children's lawyer's office twice now and both lawyers have both completely changed what I had said and both were both defending my mother and were against my father. After my second interview with the children's lawyer, (at my dad's) she had told me that things might not turn out exactly the way I want them. I didn't expect her to completely change what I had said to the exact opposite of what I had said and wanted. So I would really appreciate it if you could get someone to go out and fight against the children's lawyer's report in court.  These children's lawyer people don't help kids, they make things worse.

February 6, 2005

I have been divorced now for 7 years and have run into a significant problem and now find myself at my wit's end. My children, 2 boys, were 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 when my ex-wife left me. Although it was a very painful split, the separation was as "clean" as possible and I made sure not to allow the children to become pawns. My access and visitation with the boys was uninterrupted for a 4 year period-until I starting seeing someone. Since then things have continuously eroded with my ex-wife impacting on my relationship with the boys. Things are at a point where I have not been able to see my kids in 2 years because of access denial! Things became very nasty when I got remarried, to the point that I had to take my ex-wife to court in order to ensure my sons attended the wedding. I have recently saw a lawyer in the hopes of resolving this issue through the courts and he has told me that it will cost me somewhere between 20 to 25 thousand dollars to restore my access and even then he won't give any guarantee.  He just shrugs his shoulders and says that this is the reality of "Canada's family court system" and I got no choice except to take it or leave it.

February 5, 2005

I would suggest that Canada Court Watch should also view the injustice done to children under the Toronto District School Board, which in some cases work with the CAS to cover-up scandals.  The teachers in some cases are the ones calling the CAS on the family when the students go to the counsellors/teachers for support.  Matters involving the protection of children has turned our government and teachers at almost every level into spies for these child protection agencies. Kind of reminds me of the tactics that Hitler used to have people turn the Jews into authorities.  The Nazi's even had children so brainwashed that children were turning their parents and neighbours into the authorities.  I can still remember the scene from the movie, "The Sound of Music," where the young boy, Rolph, who had been recruited into Hitler's youth organization, blew his whistle and tried to have members of the Von Trap family captured by German soldiers when they were trying to flee Austria.

February 4, 2005

Four years ago, my newly ex-spouse told me that if I didn't give her $2,000.00 per month (then, 50% of my gross pay), full custody and sign any document that she would report me for sexual abuse of children, Internet porn, etc.  told her to "shove it" and then I reported it to my lawyer. I was arrested for questioning a few days later and my ISP history was examined. I had "an ace" up my sleeve though. I had, in my ex-spouses own hand-writing, her written plan, made weeks earlier, to do this as a strategy against me. I also had two emails from one of her friends where she discussed planning it with them. Finally, she admitted the blackmail for money. I gave the documents to the RCMP and filed a report. They did nothing; absolutely nothing! The police and courts "chalked it up" to divorce fighting. By the way, the investigation stopped immediately. I did get a verbal apology from a member of the RCMP.  So much for justice in Canada for men.  When the RCMP say "they always get their man", they really mean it because if it is a woman who has broken the law the RCMP will do nothing.

February 3, 2005

My ex has asked me to not object to have my 14-year-old stepson adopted by her now 5th partner.  I have not had contact with the boy for four years now, since the ex got up and left the Province one day without even telling me.  Although I have been forced to pay child support for the past 4 years, I found out this new step dad to be is a high income earner.  This will make it the 4th time that she has adopted this kid to a new father since the kid has been born.  I know that she wants to get this new "dad" on the hook for big child support payments and his assets by having him adopted.  It's no wonder why there are so many screwed up kids today in Canada.  I feel sorry for my stepson.  These kids have no stability and have no idea who their dad is because mom keeps kicking them out of their children's lives. These serial relationship mothers who move on from one relationship to another are just using the kids to make a paycheque. And our family court system supports this fully! What a crazy system we have in Canada.  The courts rewards these mothers who screw up kid's lives.

February 2, 2005

In the Kaplanis case in which the ruling just came down from the Ontario Court of Appeal, these idiot judges are basically saying is that if the mother makes things impossible and doesn't cooperate with the father then she will get full custody.  That leaves the father who is more than willing to cooperate with nothing... yeah uh huh ... that's brilliant. What a bunch of idiot judges.  I can just see it now, every damn lawyer in the Province will be advising their female clients to make conflict before going to court so that they can get sole custody.  These appeal court judges have set children's rights and the administration of justice back into the dark ages.

February 1, 2005

This case ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal is horrible. It just goes to show how out of touch these judges are with the people of Ontario.  If the parents can't get along before, you think they will now, especially when Mom knows she has "won" and now has full and absolute control over the child. I feel sorry for the child and the father. This is such a tragedy. I would love to hear the phone calls between Mom and Dad entered into evidence and played for the court when Mom rubs it in that she now has all the control.... and Dad is out in the cold.  Such a tragic outcome this was, and the courts wonder why Fathers have been known to kill Mothers and sometimes mothers who kill fathers? Where's the equality and justice in this court's order.  The people of Ontario know that if the court was to order certain parental conduct and that the consequences to either parent would be the loss of custody of the child, you would see parental behaviour improve very quickly.  But these courts do half-assed orders where parents can still get away with bad conduct and not be punished for it. Canada's family justice system is for the dogs.  No, on second thoughts, even dogs deserve better than what our family court dish out to kids and their families.

January 30, 2005

After spending more than $175,000 on lawyers to date, one of the best moves that I made was getting rid of the lawyer and representing myself.  Since I have represented myself in court a lot of changes have taken place since than and practically all of the changes are positive.  All that happened when I had a lawyer was that I had to keep writing cheques.  Two weeks ago I was in court, it cost my ex over $10,000 to prepare the materials for court that day, yet her lawyer got nowhere.  You should have seen my ex's face when I walked out of the court after facing off with her lawyer.  Her $500 an hours Bay Street lawyer thought she was going to walk all over me but I sure got her straightened out.  Even her false allegations and lawyer talk did not get her anywhere.  The lawyer was kept tied up all day in court.  You should have seen their faces when I argued recording in the court with my own tape recorder and won!  My ex was just about in tears outside in the waiting area after spending thousands only to see her lawyer lose to some self represented person.  I can see a settlement coming in the not to distant future.

January 29, 2005

I have been lead to believe that the Family Responsibility Office in Toronto is a complete waste of time when trying to deal with them. After waiting on hold for a 1/2 hour to talk to someone I get a guy with a foreign accent that I could barely understand.  I asked if I could talk to someone else and he told me that he couldn't transfer me to anyone else.  He said I would have to call back then then he rudely hung up on me.  I called again and waited another 20 min on hold only to talk to some idiot woman that seemed to me to be nothing short of a brainless robot.  I'm still no further ahead in resolving my issues with them then I was 2 months ago.  These people seem absolutely useless.  I've come to the conclusion and stand firmly behind my belief that the FRO is just a waste of hard earned tax money and was probably put in place just to make single dad's life as miserable as possible.  Blood suckers is what the FRO is and  can not for the life of me see how the courts can consider them as doing what is in the best interest of children. The FRO and its workers should be run out of town and put out of business.

January 28, 2005

The recent publication of the proposed spousal support guidelines really sets up the court for lots of extra work and will guarantee that lots of families and the institution of marriage will be destroyed.  It seems that some people believe that being married to a man entitles a woman to subsidy for the rest of their lives, to continue their married standard of living by no effort of their own. This type of thinking will reward for the most part, the spouse that does the least in the marriage.  It is all about women using the pretext of marriage to avoid the personal responsibility of being responsible and self- sufficient.  Being married in this day and age does not impair a woman's ability to be self-sufficient,  it is her PERSONAL decision to do so.  What man today MAKES his wife stay at home to care for the house and home and have dinner ready when he comes home??? Women who stay home these days do so because of personal choice.  These spousal support guidelines are nothing but a FRAUD under the guise of fairness to poor victimized women of marriage. Those who come up with these crazy guidelines are the slimiest fraudsters in the whole feminist justice department. These guidelines are just another factor which will destroy families and ultimately this nation.

January 27, 2005

I have been dealing with the Family Responsibility Office and have come to the conclusion that there are NO reasonable people at FRO. I have been harassed, hung up on, yelled at, threatened, employees will not give names, ext #'s, always get a different person each time you call. To those who have to deal with this incompetent government agency, good luck! But don't hold your breath, they are not there to help you but only there to harass and destroy you.

January 26, 2005

We would like to thank Court Watch for coming to Brantford and giving our group the information to jump start our own investigations into our own case and into those of our friends involving the courts and the CAS. Ever since that night you came here we've made it our mission to join forces with other citizens to see  that CAS is held accountable, to us the tax payer. There needs to be more public input to what is going on with these agencies. They have lost sight of their mandate.... it's not about strengthening families. It's about dollars and cents. They need more funding = need more children.... it is simple business 101. Thank you for your insight and keep up the good work Court Watch.

January 25, 2005

Children are the innocent victims of a silent pervasive cancerous system of the Divorce Industry and Family Law system. Children are bought and sold every day for the sole purpose of greed, financial gain and legal political climbing into the Judiciary positions. Children and their mental health are cruelly and insensitive destroyed and their future in the removal of a loving parent from their lives.. The system is frought with manipulations, legal manoevers, false allegations, stolen records, and information never given to judges. Their is no accountability and responsibility in this system. The Divorce Industry makes billions of dollars annually while system abuse of children and parents and extended family members are robbed of their educational, retirement, and life savings while lawyers line their pockets with BMW's, Mercedes, Cottages, monster homes, while the transferring of wealth to them causes their victims unhealing suffering, poverty, ill health. This is a generational curse. STOP THE PAIN

January 24, 2005

The majority of men are being penalized and stereotyped for the bad behaviour of the few. It is the legalization of the ability of a woman inflict revenge on a man whether she is the dumper or the dumpee, she has has been given a legal sword to destroy her former partner.   And the old saying goes "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".  There are a lot of divorced women and their lawyers out there who have taken perverted pleasure in using the system to destroy their former partners.  I would think that amending the Divorce Act to provide a penalty for divorce without cause and with cause, would be a reasonable and fair impediment to people who are unjustly benefiting from the NO-Fault system.  It is rare to find a man that has benefited from divorce.  He's usually lost his home and children and in many cases turned into a virtual slave to his former. A very steep price to pay through no fault of your own apparently.  The only people who seem to benefit from the destruction of families seems to be the lawyers and judges.

January 24, 2005

In my case, even the lawyers I hired did not do anything for me and colluded with my separated wife's lawyer and then abandoned my case after taking my money. One of my last lawyers even told me that my case is effecting his practice, and so he does not have time for it. It is very difficult to find a good lawyer who will do the job with honesty and integrity. My wife abandoned me with her male friend and took my daughter away.  She has now made me penniless and homeless and with the help from women's group and their lawyer. I still do not have my divorce and they will not allow me to start my life with true love, commitment in a marriage situation. It has been 7 years and 9 months I have been made a slave to the system. Ahura Mazda (God) will do the justice to those who have put me in this situation.

January 22, 2005

I believe that the family courts are brutally destroying families and mostly the lives of Children throughout Canada primarily for profit of lawyers and those in the legal system. Meanwhile, our politicians stand by and do nothing.

January 21, 2005

I can inform you that there are multiple signs forbidding recording devices posted at the Vernon, B.C. courthouse. I have spoken with the court staff about removing these as the Supreme court has ruled otherwise but they have seen fit to leave the signs up. This comes as no surprise as this is the same courthouse where one of the court clerks filed a false family maintenance order against a gentleman for the amount of $200/month against the courts order so that her daughter might benefit. This went on for about 5 years before the gentleman was finally able to have this payroll deduction stopped. To the best of my knowledge this gentleman has been repaid only $50.00 to date. To an informed body it should come as no surprise that the incompetent and biased court worker who did this is still working in the Vernon courthouse. It would seem that the clown attorneys is this town cannot read are they may have come across in the criminal code; uttering forged documents which carries a 14 year jail term. But what is one to expect from these judicial clowns and side show workers. Let the sun shine in. Its a great disinfectant. I encourage all those with evidence of legal and/or judicial malfeasance to post what they know. For this to be cleaned up it must first be exposed and taken down. I am in the process of writing a book which will include numerous cases that have publication bans put on them for the simple reason of hiding corruption in the courts.

January 21, 2005

My fiance is going through this family court hell now. His has been paying his child support on time for 4 years now. In that 4 years his ex-wife has had 2 more kids that she does not know the fathers of so she just keeps taking my partner to court to raise his child support to cover there expenses too.  She refuses to to work and is on welfare and in subsidized housing that the taxpayers pay for.  She smokes at least one to two pack of cigarettes a day and goes out every weekend to party while leaving the kids in the care of a 13 year old child.   While this woman neglects the children and raises them like beggars, there is a good home here where at least my fiance's child could live with us and at least have a chance at life.  Yet the Ontario government spends more money to take my fiance to court to increase his child support at the first opportunity so that they can take the money to give back to the welfare department.  The money ends up going to the Ontario Government and not the kids.  On top of this, the child is forced to live in a home that is filled with second hand smoke. These kids are going to cost the taxpayers money later in life as they suffer from smoke related illnesses from exposure to second hand smoke. Yet CAS say that there is nothing illegal about having children live in a smoke filled home and that kids should be with their welfare mothers.

When is the Ontario government going to start making the custodial parent bear some responsibility for there actions? If parents on welfare cannot support their children then they should be forced to go to work and if they refuse, then the child should be placed into the other parent's home if it can be shown that the other parent can provide a good environment for the child without having to rely on the taxpayers to pay for the child.  The government should start placing the children with the family that can support them, not continue to subsidize a parent who continues to have children and who cannot support them.

January 21, 2005

Imagine being a black in the 1950s reading a newspaper column like some of the recent articles run  in Canadian newspapers about "Deadbeat dads" but instead the headline read, "Lazy blacks guilty of most crimes".  Luckily, discrimination against blacks is not the problem it once was.  Yet, in today's huge divorce industry, fathers are treated as second class citizens, much as blacks were treated in the 50's.  Fathers are routinely court ordered to support their children as well as the mom.  Even when it is the mother who walked out of the marriage to be with some boyfriend she met on the internet is the father forced to pay.  Plus, on top of all that, the fathers have to pay for all the lawyers, experts and court costs involved.  The divorce process has financially ruined many good fathers in Canada just as the justice system of the 50's destroyed many good blacks.  Many good fathers have been relentlessly hunted down and jailed by government funded child support collection agencies, often while the mother is allowed to sit at home, watch TV and collect welfare.

At one time, I had doubted the injustice claimed by divorcing fathers.....until I witnessed my own son go through the living hell our family calls the Canadian family "injustice" system.  Now I can understand how an innocent, hard-working black man in the 1950s felt about the justice system.  I was a young white man back in the 50's and saw the discrimination against the black people and now I am witnessing the same, if not a worse form of discrimination against fathers today in Canada.  Those who say that there is equality and freedom in this country must only be closely aligned with the judges and lawyers who don't want the Canadian public to find out otherwise.

January 20, 2005

Can someone at Court Watch please help us write some complaint letter to the Premier of Ontario and to our MPP?  We want to complain about the CAS and how the family court system is destroying our family and making our mom fight our dad.  We need some help because we are loaded with school work and it's come to the end of the semester where everything is coming together.  We also don't know where to send our letters.  We met one of your Court Watch people in the courthouse a couple of weeks ago and that person gave us more information that all the lawyers we have met in the past two years. Thanks for your help and support.

January 20, 2005

I just want to be involved in my son's life but it seems that the courts are a total failure.  Nobody wants to listen to what i have to say and it seems that only what mom says is heard.  My ex-wife has been denying my visitation with my son, and has him calling her boyfriend of two months, "daddy."  My son also has a heart condition, and yet she has not taken him to his cardiologist for over a year, and he's not getting his meds either.  When I tell my lawyer this I am told that any effort to interfere with the mother's custody of the child will be seen as interfering in her life and that likely I will lose all contact with my son.  My friends and family can hardly believe that this is what the Canadian family court system does to kids.  The ex's lawyer did nothing but lie to the judge in the court and the judge must have believed every damn lie.

January 20, 2005

I agree that our family law system needs a change for the better.  Our system is so unfair to a lot of fathers that have to defend themselves due to the mothers abuse of the system.  Everyone knows it takes 2 to make and 2 to break a relationship.  But the system focuses on the destruction of 1 parent and the children so that one parent can have "sole" custody.  The family court system is supposed to be about the kids and not who can manipulate who with the better attorney but this seems to be the way the system works now. Children and families are being destroyed by the current system.

January 19, 2005

The focus that the courts should have is that kids must have a dad and mom (providing they are good parents). The courts should make sure that children have both parents in their lives with equal time share, that is 50/50 guardianship instead of giving out custody and monetary awards to 1 parent. The current state of family law in our country is an absolute mess which only promotes the destruction of families and ultimately the destruction of Canada.

January 18, 2005

The judges have way too much discretion when it comes to awarding costs. There should be strict guidelines for the judges and the judges should have to detail the reasons of why costs were awarded in accordance with the guidelines. Otherwise, if there are no guidelines, it becomes a weapon for judges to arbitrarily use against any party in their courtroom.  Court costs have become another weapon for the corrupted courts to use to financially devastate parents.  In the end, however, it is the children who lose and the lawyers who gain out of all of this.

January 17, 2005

Family life sure isn't what it used to be. It's fatherless now. I wonder what is being done with all of the men that would have been super-fathers if anyone only would have let them.  Well, what does it matter? Once the West has finished eradicating itself, someone else with more sense will be in the picture. Is that history or evolution in the making? One thing is certain. It will be The Death of the West.  Why don't we push for full abortion rights? Anyone for compulsory abortions? Maybe compulsory sterilization of all "males"?* Why not? Don't we want negative population growth? Whether we want it or not, our family courts are doing a great job destroying children and families.  The only question is now how quickly we wish to vanish.

January 16, 2005

As a researcher who writes articles about Canada's corrupted family court system, I often get calls from disenfranchised fathers who are totally unprepared for the Star Chambers that are called "family courts". Naively they assume that once they are in front of a court of competent jurisdiction they will receive justice. What they receive instead is a judgement. These judgements have nothing to do with justice, rather they are a byproduct of ideologically motivated politics. Some of us would like to call it a new world order, designed on the principles of national and international femocracy.

January 15, 2005

From the state of affairs here in Canada is it clear this country is headed for moral and economic collapse.  It is becoming increasing clear that there is a growing gap between the rich and the poor, and that child poverty in this country is on the rise.  Our schools are starving for cash and the we have disgracefully inadequate health services with long waits for services.  Yet those associated with the family courts, being the lawyers, the child protection workers and children's lawyers rape families and the taxpayers for billions of dollars to do nothing but blow hot air and make a lot of paperwork.  Children and families in Canada are losing respect for the police and the courts and all those associated with courts because the bias and corruption is becoming so apparent. We should not be surprised that Canada has ceased to be an example to the world and that in the not too distant future you will see this country fall.  When the citizens of a nation lose respect for the Administration of Justice in their own country, the collapse of society will surely fall.  The seeds of destruction of Canada have been sown and the family courts are a good example of the state of affairs in this country.

January 14, 2005

I followed the instructions found on your site about recording your court hearing and what a difference it made.  Just like was described in the article, they fought to get the tape recorder out but in the end the judge knew that he had no choice, especially after I told the judge that I would make a judicial complaint if he did not allow the tape recorder.  After that, it was like night and day in the court.  The lawyer on the other side watched her words very carefully and did not mouth off in court like she did the previous time I was in court.  The judge was much fairer than the previous court hearing.  Thanks Court Watch.

January 14, 2005

I recently heard that the Supreme Court of Canada was going to rule on the Contino case? I believe it is going to rule on how the 40% guideline is calculated. This is due to the huge differences on how this is calculated by judges. I heard that in this case the father has gone to three previous courts based upon the argument that a father (usually) that has the his child more than the magic 40% number, is allowed a reduction in child support. The argument in each appearance is exactly that, should a reduction be allowed? In the Contino case, 3 different courts gave very different judgements! Each time the parents have paid lots of money which up to this 4th time in court has reduced the child support by about $250. What a great system we have here in Canada.  Families spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to save a few bucks because the judges just don't have any sense of fairness.

January 13, 2005

I went to see my children's lawyer and I saw her put in a tape into a tape recorder on her desk and then press the "record" button.  She kind of did this while she talked to me.  The next day, when I met her in court I asked her if she had been tape recording me at her office.  The lawyer got all nervous and flustered and said that she would never do that!  What a liar.  I know what I saw.  I may be only 14 years old but I know what I saw.  My children's lawyer is a big LIAR!  On top of that the lawyer tried to tall me that I could not speak to anyone else to get advice.  I got better advice from other people than I did from my children's lawyer.  These children's lawyers must think we kids are stupid cause they sure treat us that way!

January 13, 2005

The only law I have seen in Canada's family courts is jungle's law in which who is able to tear apart the other, will do. Women are specially welcome to accuse, abuse, kill, torture and rub men in legal ways and using government funded programs, apparently designed to help `abused women'. Men are inborn criminals who were born to work and satisfy the ladies in the eyes of this law. I don't know how it is possible to defend a father in front of a judge who has special training by women's groups and is getting paid to destroy families in a legal system already biased and unfair.

January 12, 2005

I am not a father but I am a man who feels violated by the feminised Canadian `justice' system. I came to Canada as independent immigrant from a Middle Eastern Muslim country, seeking  more free society and what people in the West call `democracy' and freedom.  I did not come here for monetary purposes but for just a better life.  I didn't know at that time that being a man in Canada is an in-born crime in this country. Being married in this country makes you criminal and being Muslim puts you in hot chair of woman-bashing and spouse  abuser view center. After I came to Canada, I worked hard and built up a life in here from scratch. I managed to build financial security and a life that I could count on. I then married a woman from my country of birth and sponsored her over to Canada. Almost immediately after becoming Canadian citizen she went  to police accusing me for this and that.  She had heard from women's groups that this is how in you get a man kicked out of his own home here and take over his assets here in Canada.  I was not charged for any crime cause there  was no evidence to support her false allegation.  But using government resources and free legal aid and  women help groups she moved forward and took me to court, alleging the same things which were rejected by police and plus new allegations. She filed for division of assets and ended up taking most of the security I had built up working hard for years.   If I had known Canada was such a man-hating country, I would have never come to this place.  I certainly am going to warn any of my friends that Canada is the last place they should immigrate to if they are going to be married or have children because the women will turn them into slaves in this country.

January 11, 2005

I'm being forced by the children's aid society to stay in a group home against my wishes to live with my dad.  I hate it in here.  The group home workers watch TV all the time while the kids smoke outside the house.  Some of the older kids have stolen my stuff. I tell the workers but they don't do anything.  I was told that I could speak to the judge but when the court date come up, I was then told that I could not speak to the judge. The CAS workers lied to me and just do things to force me to stay in this place. I hate this place! I want to go back home with my dad.

January 11, 2005

I read the previous post below and couldn't help but respond. My son is in the same boat, first she said she wanted alimony, child support, an insurance policy naming my granddaughter as irrevocable beneficiary, the house and the shirt off my son's back! She handed in 144 affidavit statements about my son NONE and I do mean NONE of it was true. At the next case conference she said she would drop it all, he wouldn't have to pay a dime if he just walked away, HE SAID NO!!!! He fought for almost 11 months before he finally held his daughter for the first time since her birth. He now sees her for an entire 2hrs a week, until trial. As far as legal fees. If a 19 yr old deposited $2000.00 into a good R.R.S.P @ an average of 12% return, he would have $317,000 when he retired. So imagine that $60,000 compounding year after year. There would be enough to pay for school, buy a house, a car and still have a nice retirement package. But some women can't think beyond revenge. They should be pitied. Because in the end your son, my son and all those other men will win in the eyes of the child, one day that child will be old enough to understand. To bad our courts don't give a damn. Too bad I couldn't bring the judge with me when I pick up my granddaughter for her visit and she smiles as soon as she sees me, Too bad that judge couldn't be there when we get to my son's place and he comes out to the car to get her, Too bad the judge couldn't see her little legs kicking and hear her squealing when her daddy peeks at her through the window before he opens the car door. Too bad that judge couldn't come with me when I have to take her home, so he could hear him tell his baby he loves her, then kisses her good-bye, turns and leaves quickly so I can't see his eyes turn red. Too bad the judge couldn't come with me as I hand her back to her other grandmother whom she and her mother live with and hear cry and hold her tiny hand out for me! Maybe then they would get a heart and realize men are parents too! That's why the word is plural. His ex can take his money and save hers, she can make him sell the house that she only lived in barely a year, the one she left 18 months ago, she can do what ever she wants but she can't take his soul, she can't take his memories, or his love for his daughter. He will win in the end, he may only get her 2hrs a week right now, but those 2 hours are all hers, they play and interact and she remembers! I know this is a bit long but before I sign off I just want to say, last week his daughter was downstairs with his daughter, when I went down they were both sitting side by side on the couch with a blanket around them sharing arrowroots. Simple but priceless, and no one can take that away! So to all those mothers that are determined to deny the father, what ever happened between you and your partner is between you and your partner. STOP MAKING THE CHILDREN PAY! WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO GAIN??       Dads stay positive, and cherish what ever you can get. Because you  dads will win in the end. Good luck to all you dads out their, never give up and to all those grandparents, I understand, I have to share those 2hrs with my son. But I believe change is on the way

January 10, 2005

I am a grandmother whose son is going through this whole awful mess - and I have to ask all those mothers out there - WHY DO YOU THINK THAT THE CHILDREN BELONG TO YOU AND THAT THE FATHERS ARE ONLY ABLE TO SEE THEIR CHILDREN EVERY SECOND WEEK-end - if that - and the total waste of money.  Would not all the money being spent on lawyers be better put towards the education of their children.  Just imagine $60,000. - put in an RRSP for the children when they turn 18 and are ready for college.  I do not seem to be able to get any answers to these questions.  The lawyers will never change anything - they would be in the poor house.  come on ladies - SHARED PARENTING is what is best for our children.  I have seen enough.  I am now joining in the fight - so that my grandchildren will not have to go through what my son is being put through by the Canadian family court system.

January 9, 2005

I'm just a kid who wants to be with my dad more.  Yet, when I talk to the children's lawyer, she is always telling me that I should live with my mother and that the court does not want me to live with my dad.  She says moms make better parents than dads.  It's a lot nicer at my dads house.  My dad does not yell at me like my mom does and lets me use the phone whenever I want.  My mom locks up the phone when she goes out of the house just so I cant call my dad.  Last month my mom threw me up against the wall because she got angry for me saying I wanted to see my dad more.  I have told my children's lawyer all this, but the lawyer looks the other way and says nothing and does nothing.  What's wrong with the court system?  Why won't anyone do something to help kids.

January 7, 2005

I went to court yesterday against the CAS. I WON. !!!!!!!!  The judge ordered the CAS to return my daughter home immediately. My daughter was released at 5pm the same day. We got out of court at 3:30pm and my daughter was released at 5:30 pm.  Everything was over.  Yet, the CAS went into the court demanding that my daughter continue to remain in a group home where she was being physically and emotionally abused by the CAS.  I felt very good to have won.  Even one of the lawyers in the courtroom pulled me aside and told me that not many people get to win over the CAS.  I feel that if more parents like myself stood up for their children and stopped being afraid of the CAS and start fighting back, that they also may have a chance in winning this battle with CAS.

At times I felt like i didn't have a chance, But the more they made me mad, the more I fought back. And it paid off ..... so now I realise, that if more parents like myself would only stand up for themselves, they may win over CAS also.  The word has to get out, that if we stop being afraid of them,,,,,we may just win this battle, just like I did. I made my own motion to the court.  I faxed letters to the CAS, the CAS lawyer and all Lawyers.  I even faxed a letter to the judge himself.  If I had waited and done what the lawyers were telling me to do my daughter would still be in their care.  Most lawyers were useless.  But I do have to give a lot of credit to those advocates, including those from Court Watch, because without the advice and support I received, I don't think I would have had the strength to get through this myself.  But thanks to other justice minded people (not lawyers) I was given the strength to fight.  And in the end I won.

Thank God there are advocates that care enough to help people like me fight these most incompetent CAS workers.  My daughter wants to come forward and to be interviewed by your agency so that other parents and children in Ontario will learn how our family was abused by the CAS. A local newspaper has taken an interest in my story and may publish a story.   Its time we start to fight back against these CAS workers, many of whom are not even licensed social workers.  We are documenting all the lies and deceptions that workers did and we are looking into having my daughter sue the workers personally for their incompetence and maliciousness.  These CAS workers may end up paying for my daughter's college education in the end.  My daughter and I thank all those who helped us from the bottom of our hearts.

January 7, 2005

I've a single mother with 2 kids under 7 years of age. My husband passed away about three years ago.  I have been trying to get into a permanent relationship with a new man because I believe that children need both parents in their lives.  I'm having a tough time meeting anyone.  My friends and associates have said it will be a difficult for me to find anyone because men, especially in Canada, are afraid of getting into a relationship with a woman who has children. I've done some research and have spoken to a lot of guys who have confirmed what others have told me.  It seems that some women who hate men have ruined things for us women who still believe in marriage and working together with a husband for the future of the family.  After seeing some of the stories about men being destroyed by the court system and their ex-wives, I can now see why men no longer want to get married or live with a woman who has children.  It's a shame that some of these radical women have ruined things for us all.  I believe that it would greatly benefit my children to have a loving dad in their lives, but it seems that the laws in this country have been bent so far out from reality, that it would be suicide for a man to get involved with a woman in today's political climate.  It seems that social policies in Canada promote the break up and destruction of families, yet strong families are the foundation of any great and prosperous nation.

January 7, 2005

My current husband pays a fortune in support to his ex-wife, but is denied visitation on a regular basis.  He goes to court but the court does nothing against the mother. Our own children want to see their step siblings and cannot understand why the court system lets one parent keep the children from another parent.  My husband's children are being harmed.  Our own children are being harmed.  Our government and our legal system has failed us. We're all screaming that the emperor has no clothes. Are these politicians, lawyers and judges deaf or brain dead?

January 7, 2005

The current child support system needs an overhaul. Non custodial parents have to pay too much of their income and receive no tax relief.  I've never done anything wrong yet I only get to see my child 2 overnights out of the month. And in those 2 overnights the non custodial parent is responsible for all expenses, and have no control over the clothes the child wears, the food the child eats, the doctors the child sees, the school or daycare the child goes too. Also the mother automatically gets the child and gets a free legal aid attorney,  And every time she gets upset with me because I won't buy my child some clothes beyond the child support I pay, she cuts off my access to my child.. Canada must be the most father-hating country in the world.  The laws in this country are so unfair to fathers.  If I had any money left, I would get out of this damn country and start a new life in some other country.  Anywhere but Canada.  But the child support agency has taken everything I got and I have no money to escape from this evil and oppressive country we call Canada.

January 6, 2005

Dear Canada Court Watch

We are a group of citizens writing to you from Northern California.  We would like any assistance you can provide to help us set up a Court Watch Program in our area. We want to set up a court watch program as a result of name calling between a local judge and district attorney. We are eager for any material, forms, advice, etc. you might lend to our effort.

January 6, 2005

Has anyone else noticed that the outside of the office building where the Halton CAS is located has only one neon sign, "Waste Management". Coincidence? I think not.

January 6, 2005

Recently I was at a court hearing in regards to my 12 year-old daughter and the CAS.  The CAS, the lawyers and myself were supposed to approve a plan to send my daughter home. We all went to that meeting and basically nothing was accomplished. They instructed me to enrol my daughter into school before they would send her home.  I did this....then they contacted my lawyer after the meeting telling him they will not send my daughter home while my older daughter and her new husband are residing here in my home. So i took immediate action and my older daughter and her husband found new housing.  I then contacted my worker and left her a message telling her that I had addressed all of the concerns of the CAS.  The CAS never called me back.  Now today, I contacted my lawyer, and he informs me that he received a new affidavit from the CAS stating that they want to keep my daughter in foster care. WHY WOULD THEY TELL ME TO ENROL MY DAUGHTER INTO SCHOOL WHEN THEY HAD NO PLANS IN RETURNING HER HOME ?????  What a bunch of idiots.  These CAS workers are not here for the best interest of the children,,,,,,,,THEY ARE ONLY HERE TO PLAY HEAD GAMES WITH THE PARENTS AND TO TRY TO MAKE THE PARENTS LOOK LIKE IDIOTS SO THAT THEY CAN KEEP THE KIDS AND KEEP GETTING MONEY COMING INTO THE CAS.  Its about time the Government cleaned up these CAS agencies and stopped them from kidnapping any more kids from loving parents. More harm is being done to children by these incompetent and corrupt agencies.  My daughter says that she is being abused at the CAS group home and that she only wants to come back home.

January 5, 2005

I moved in with a mother who had two children about 3 years ago.  Things were good for the first couple of years.  She moved in with me to my apartment.  She always told me that the children's fathers paid support so I did not have to support her kids.  After two years she moved out and about a month after she moved out she served me with papers for child support for her two kids.  I found out that not only were the two fathers of the two kids paying child support and not seeing the kids but she had lived with 3 other common law boyfriends and was collecting child support on the same children from all four men.  I found out that I was number 5 and that she was getting $35,000 per year for child support on two kids from 4 other guys.  She never told me that she was collecting all this child support. Now she wants another $10,000 per year from me and my lawyer said that I would have to pay under Canada's "double-dipping" child support laws which allow women to do this.  If I had of known this about the law I would never have moved in with this woman. The laws in this country are absolutely insane.  You only find out after your break up with a woman with children that you are now responsible for child support, even if they are not your kids.  Why does the government not let men know about this before they get involved.  It seems like us men are suckers.

January 4, 2005

My son is an unfair victim of this corrupt family court system. The mothers makes more money than he does. She keeps him in court all the time, even when he lose his job. He has lose his drivers license for this reason. How can a person get to work to make money when they don't have a driver's licence and don't live in a city where there is good public transit. ? It is very unfair. Both my son and I both believe in child support but the amounts are a bit excessive.  The mother only lets him see the children at her convenience. She went to court and lied through her teeth but the judge bought her story, hook, line and sinker.  It seems the courts don't check these moms out do they?

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