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Disclaimer and terms of use

Welcome to the Canada Court Watch public message forum.  All readers are welcome to read messages, to post their own messages or to respond to messages posted by others. The purpose of the forum is to educate and promote communication between people who share an interest in injustice. The content of individual posts are generally not monitored by Canada Court Watch with the exception being when a formal complaint has been filed with Court Watch by a  reader of this forum.

All users agree to the following specific conditions set out below:

  1. This message forum has been created for the convenience of those wishing to discuss matters relating to injustices  within the legal or child protection system, to exchange information or provide support to others in matters solely relating to the family and criminal justice system and/or the child welfare protection industry in Canada (Children's Aid Societies in Ontario).   Messages which are not clearly relevant to the subject matter and the intent of this forum which is to inform and provide positive discussion and/or support to other readers can be subject to removal. Messages about political issues of the day, environment or health related issues which are not somehow linked to the issues related to the courts or child protection system may be removed.  Because this is a public board, all who choose to visit and use this chat board do so at their own risk and acknowledge that the administrators and moderators of this site assume no responsibility for the content of posts.

  2. All visitors to this forum agree that all information posted on this board is for the personal information of other readers on this board only.  Unless information posted in this forum is clearly in contravention of a specific law, all information contained in this forum is considered as information of interest exclusively for readers of this forum and that no information is to be downloaded and/or used against anyone in any court or child protection proceeding.

  3. All users of this forum agree that pen names and the passwords associated with particular pen names are to be used exclusively by the person who registered the pen name.  Users agree they will maintain the privacy of their passwords to their personal pen names and will not provide such information which would allow any other person to make posts to the forum using their personal pen name and/or email address.

  4. Offensive Posts - Unless a complaint in writing to the email address provided is received from a reader about any particular posting, it shall be assumed that all readers accept and agree to the contents of any message that others may have posted on this site until such time as they have registered a complaint with Canada Court Watch.  If you read a post which you feel may be offensive, in violation of the terms of use of this forum or may be in contradiction of any applicable law then please email Canada Court Watch  Postings found to be offensive by Canada Court Watch will be removed and the IP address banned.  If you disagree with the contents of a post and don't have the conviction to bring your complaint to us in writing, then you should not complain to anyone else.  Complaints will be handled confidentiality in order to protect the identity of individual members of the forum.  Persons who respond to offensive posts on the board (which only tends to escalate the conflict) will also be considered as violating the rules and will have their IP addressed banned as well.

  5. All messages posted to this message forum must be done in a positive and supportive environment which is respectful to all other persons who post to the forum.  Messages posted under any topic must be relevant to the message topic posted and readers wishing to discuss a different topic should start a new topic.  Offensive postings, gossip, use of profanity and posting of materials not relevant to the general purpose of this message forum will be removed.  Posts which have the effect of inflaming,  insulting or challenging another person's post outside of the context of fair debate will be removed.  Court documents, letters or articles should not be posted unless they are of significant interest to the public interest or clearly relevant to the administration of justice.  Links to other websites should contain a message for readers as to content of the referenced site or they will be removed.  Commercial posts will be deleted, and your ISP notified. Views expressed on this public forum are those of the participants, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Canada Court Watch.

  6. The names of individuals are not to be mentioned without the consent of the person or unless identifying a person would be considered as being in the public's interest. Names which would include in the public's interest would include those of judges, lawyers, child protection workers and various professionals associated with the court system. These persons are considered as non-private figures and may be identified as part of protecting the public's interest in the administration of justice.  Those who post names or information which has the effect of identifying a private person without their consent may be banned from this site.

  7. Any member of this board who communicates with other members of this forum in a manner which other members consider as offensive or harassing may be subject to having their membership on this forum removed pending a review of the circumstances involving the private communication  by an ethics committee who oversee such complaints.  Members of this forum must maintain ALL communication between themselves, whether on this forum or in private in an appropriate and civil manner.  Those who feel that any form of direct communication  sent to them outside of the message board is not appropriate must file a complaint with the administrator within 14 business days or it is deemed that they have acknowledged such previous communication as being acceptable.

  8. Court Watch also reserves the right to ban the name and IP address of anyone who acts in a rude, threatening or offensive manner during their dealings with representatives of Canada Court Watch.

  9. If readers have any specific suggestions that they would like to make about Canada Court Watch itself, then emails should be sent  This public forum is intended to help readers share helpful information about the system.

Please be aware that all material is viewable by the public. Be careful if using your real name or email address as IT MAY BE USED AGAINST YOU IN COURT by those lawyers, CAS workers and other related health professionals in the system who use unethical and unfair practices against children and families.  In some jurisdictions it may be against existing legislation to publish your real name or the name of your child if your child is currently the subject of a child protection court action.  Child protection agencies and court workers do regularly read the messages on this forum.

If you need to ensure privacy then use a pen name when making posts on this forum and ensure that the content of your post is not specific enough to allow others to identify you or members of your family.  If any reader is actively involved with a child protection agency and have a matter currently before the court, then those readers would be advised to use a pen name when making posts and not their real name.  Readers should also not post the real names of other individuals on this forum without the consent and knowledge of those individuals.  Although names of users are kept confidential from each other, Court Watch does maintain the list of all users and can identify the I.P addresses of those who may abuse the terms of use of this forum.

Readers are also cautioned about providing personal information to others they have communicated with over this board.  Those who provide personal information to others they meet on this chat board do so at their own risk.

If any reader has a complaint about the content of any message posted on this public message board then they should send an email to the moderator of the particular forum. If a reader has a complaint regarding actions taken by one of the moderators then they may forward their complaint to State the nature of your complaint and your contact information including your phone number.  Your complaint will be reviewed and action taken to remove or edit a post should your complaint be valid.  Should readers have inadvertently posted information by mistake, such as the names of children, Court Watch can edit the posts to remove errors if notified by e mail.

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