Reporting an injustice

The Canada Court Watch receives calls from the public on a regular basis regarding injustices in our court system and with the various agencies connected to the court system such as police, child welfare protection agencies, children's lawyers, social workers, lawyers, etc.  Just a small sampling of the complaints that are passed our way can be found on our "letters of injustice" link found on our home page.

We are interested in hearing about your story of injustice. Once you have reported an injustice to us, we will provide you with helpful information which you may find helpful in your legal matter.   In many cases, we will attempt to assist those with complaints to file or to go public with their complaints against judges, social workers, lawyers, etc.  If you are willing to go public with your story, we may be able to arrange to conduct a videotaped interview with those willing participants. Videotaped interviews may be of value in upcoming video documentaries on the family justice system that we are currently working on.

Readers, however, must realize that investigating complaints from the public can involve a considerable amount of time and effort.  Our ability to investigate individual complaints about the family and criminal justice system is limited by our resources, those being time and money.  Priority is given to those cases where children and families are being adversely affected, especially in the family court area where rules of evidence seem not to apply and like the wild west of the 1800's, anything goes and where false allegations are rampant and acceptable to many of Canada's Judges. As a result, we may not be able to get involved in each and every complaint that comes into our organization although we will make every effort to do so.

Those who wish our organization to help will be expected to fill out and submit their information in writing and to provide us with any information or documentation that we may request.  Information we gather will be used to help us in our research to gather information about patterns of injustice within the system.  For example, if a number of complaints come into our organization about a particular individual such as a judge, social worker, police force, children's lawyer agent, family therapist, etc, then we will put those people affected in contact with each other which may assist those affected launch a class action lawsuit against that particular individual or agency.

Currently, until complaint forms are ready for reader to download on line, if readers have a complaint they may contact us by phone in Toronto at (416) 410-4115

Court Watch consumer complaint forms available for download

Consumer complaint forms (to be posted in the future by Court Watch)

  • Complaints against a Federal or Provincial judge

  • Complaints against court workers

  • Complaints against a child welfare protection agency or worker (Children's Aid Agency in Ontario.

  • Complaints against a social worker, doctor, child or family counsellor, or other child and family heath care professional (private practice or government)

  • Complaints against a local police agency

  • Complaints against a lawyer

  • Complaints against a school in relation to custody and access or access to school records.

  • Complaints about women's shelters


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