Community Certified Lawyer Referral Program


Obtaining the services of a certified lawyer

The Community Certified Lawyer Referral Service currently is developing its list of community certified lawyers.  Similar to the Better Business Bureaus found in many communities, the Lawyer referral service will specialize in providing help to the public and to assist them in selecting a lawyer in their community who maintains the highest standards of ethics and accountability in their dealings with the public. A detailed database containing information about the lawyer, based on input from those who have dealt 

The service will also assist citizens when dealing with any complaints against those in the legal profession.

The referral list is now under development for the Greater Toronto area, Peel, Halton and Hamilton regions of Ontario.  Other regions of Canada will follow as resources become available..

People who use lawyers registered with the service will be assured of having a lawyer that has been prescreened and who has acknowledged their support of fundamental principles of practice that the Family Justice Review Committee considers important to ensure fairness and justice in our courts and in our communities.

All lawyers will be given the opportunity to be part of the list but only those who agree to work within guidelines established by the community will be allowed to have their name on the list.

If you would like to have us help you to select a lawyer or to file a complaint against a lawyer then please contact us at:

Greater Toronto, Peel, Halton, Hamilton Regions (Ontario)                    (416) 410-4115

If you would like to start a referral service in your community then contact the Family Justice Review Committee by email or phone us at (416) 410-4115