How you can help


Write your own letter about the system

EveryoneOne should write a letter to their member of provincial and federal parliament.   We will also put you in contact with volunteers who will help you to see that your letter gets distributed to all MPs and MPPs. Sending your letter to only your own MP or MPP is not effective as sending to them ALL.


Help others to write their letters

If you possess good letter writing skills, help others to write their letters.  There are many people out there who have been destroyed by the family justice system who are just too distraught or do not have the necessary skills to write an effective letter.


Article and story writer

If you are a good writer then write articles for distribution about people's horror stories with the family justice system. 


Commercial or Computer Graphics Artist

If you have experience as a commercial artist or computer graphics artist, your services may be required from time to time to produce original artwork for use in articles, newsletters or website use.


Database programmer

If you have experience with database development then you may help by helping to develop or manage databases locally or regionally.


Newsletter Coordinator

If you like to produce newsletters, then become a local newsletter editor.  Gather articles from writers and coordinate the printing and distribution of the Family Justice Review or Canada Court Watch Program Newsletter.



If you would like to review the work of others and have good editing skills then become one of our editors.


Contact and  Support Person

If you like to talk to people and are interested in helping people on a more individual basis then you may become one of the contact and support persons in your community.  Support persons will help direct callers to necessary resources and in general provide whatever help they can to help that person.  Contact persons serve as the front line workers to put people on the right track of solving their problems.


Computer Technical Advisor

If you have good skills with computers or software, get your name listed as a computer technical advisor.  Help others in the community to get their computers set up to be most effective in communicating with others.  If you are a computer consultant full time, some of those with resources may pay you for your services.


Court Watcher Observer

Court Watchers attend court and make observations regarding the general conduct of those in the court system from judges all the way down to the administration staff.   The role of Court Watchers is to ensure that justice is being administered fairly and respectfully to all.  Court Watchers are given training with procedures that will make their attendance most effective.  Court Watchers also provide helpful information to those in the courts and help direct those people to resources in the community.  Where evidence would suggest that someone is not obtaining justice then information is passed on to the Family Justice Review Committee for possible review and investigation.


Administrator for Community Certified Lawyer Referral Program

Local administrators for the lawyer referral program will maintain separate files on each of the lawyers in their immediate geographical area and maintain a record of all complaints and/or recommendations about the lawyers.  Administrators will make contact with new lawyers in their area and keep the list current.  A list of all lawyers who agree to participate as part of the referral service will be promoted by the service in the community.  The Administrator of the referral program will: 

  • Advertise and promote the referral service in their own community.

  • File all complaints about lawyers that come from the general public in their community.

  • Maintain files on each of the lawyers in their communities up to date.

  • Observe performance of lawyers by attending court and speaking to those in the court.

  • Make initial contact with each new lawyer who may advertise or set up practice in the community.

Justice Investigators

Justice investigators will review matters brought forth to them which would appear to involve injustice against any individual or family.  Sometimes investigators will be called upon by the Family Justice Review Committee to handle an entire case or in other situations, investigators may be called upon to assist another investigator.   Investigators should be able to keep good records and communicate effectively as well as be able to produce quality reports.

  • require review of documents, make phone calls and discuss the matters in question with various legal and health care professionals.

  • Validate complaints of access denial or failure to pay child support prior to placement of parent's name on parent registry.

  • Reviewing of Court documents

  • Meetings with children

  • appearances in court.


Fax communication coordinator

If you have a computer or fax machine and have the resources with your equipment to make others in your community aware of problems by sending out faxes, then you may help by managing a fax center in your community.  You may assist with developing databases of contact people and sending out material to those on local contact lists who wish to keep up to date with issues of justice in their communities.



Webmasters will assist to update and maintain websites for the Family Justice Review Committee or the Canada Court Watch Program.  Currently, we use Microsoft Front Page as the web page software.


E mail group moderator

For those with some computer and E mail experience, you may become a moderator of an E mail communications group.


Family Coordinators

If you like working with families and feel that you can fill the role of a mediator and conflict resolution person, then become a Family Coordinators.  Family Coordinators receive training for this position. Family Coordinators may also attend other courses should they seek full time employment in helping children and families.



If you think that you can help raise money for activities promoted by the Justice Review Committee or the Canada Court Watch Program then contact us.



If you possess teaching or instructional skills or just feel that you could fill this role, then become a trainer to help others to fill positions such as Court Watchers or Justice Investigators, Family Coordinators, etc.


Professional legal or health care advisor

If you are a professional such as a lawyer or health care professional, and believe in the founding principles of the Family Justice Review Committee, and would like to contribute your services as a professional then you may elect to be part of our professional advisory body. The Family Justice Review Committee has a number of highly qualified lawyers and highly accredited health care professionals who support our work.


Commissioner of Oaths

One of the services that the Family Justice Review Committees wishes to have available in each community is the services of a Commissioner of Oaths.  A Commissioner of Oaths person will assist people in the community by witnessing signatures for a reasonable fee and where people are financially disadvantages, to provide this service free of charge.


Media Relations Persons

If you are good dealing with the media then help by becoming a media relations person in your area.  Media relations persons will be expected to develop a relationship with the media in their area and help to organize initiatives to bring matters of injustice to the attention of the media.