Family Justice Review Committee
Letter writing Service for members of the Public

Would you like to file a complaint about an individual or agency connected with the family or criminal justice system or write  a letter in regards to a matter affecting you but need help to write a good letter?  Would your mature child like to write a letter?

If you do, the Family Justice Review Committee may be able to help you or your child write your letter .  Depending on resources available at the time, if you have the materials to support a complaint, will will provide one of our experienced letter writers to write your letter for you. We will even write letters for mature children who wish to have their say about some the agencies involved with their family court matter.

Some of the types of letters that we can prepare or edit for you can include:

  • Complaints against a Federal or Provincial judge

  • Complaints against court workers

  • Complaints against a child welfare protection agency or worker (Children's Aid Agency in Ontario.

  • Complaints about group home or foster home workers

  • Complaints against a social worker, doctor, child or family counselor, or other child and family heath care professional (private practice or government)

  • Complaints against a local police agency

  • Complaints against a lawyer

  • Complaints against a school in relation to custody and access  access to school records or child protection workers coming to your child's school.

  • Complaints about women's shelters

  • General letter to Members of Parliament, provincially or federally.

  • Complaint letters to Judges or Justices of the Peace in regards to incompetent decisions.

A small donation may be requested in some cases to cover costs although fees will not be charged for those having limited financial resources or for mature children under the age of majority.  We can also arrange to have your letter distributed to various MP's or MPP's if you wish.

If you would like to inquire about our letter writing service then please contact us by e mail at