Internet Links relating to courts and legal issues

This page contains links to other sites that may be of interest or help to those seeking information relating to the courts and justice, not only in Canada, but throughout the world. If you discover any broken links which need to be updated then please email us. The Court Watch Program posts all information in good faith and assumes no liability as to the content of any of the information contained at the links posted below.

Dufferin VOCA - Reform Children's Aid
Dufferin VOCA aims to reform the Children's Aid Society of Dufferin County, Ontario.

A Canadian site about natural mothers who are stripped of their children by child protection agencies.


The After Foster Care Council of Canada
An organization based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada which helps give a voice to Canadians affected by foster care and adoption


F.A.C.T. (Fathers Are Capable Too)
A Canadian based non custodial parents rights group. Fact is considered to be the largest men's rights groups in Canada and has been holding regular support meetings for non custodial parents for over 10 years.


Canadian Children's Rights Council
A Canadian based organization which focuses on issues related to children's rights. This site contains a lot of information on the subject of paternity fraud which is a growing problem in many western countries where governments have child support legislation in place.


Sarnia's Smoking Gun
A Canadian based discussion forum started by parents in in the Sarnia-Windsor area related to issues involving child protection agencies and the family courts. (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting)

R.A.D.A.R. Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of men and women working to improve the effectiveness of our nation's approach to solving domestic violence. (Based in the United States)


SOS Quebec

A Quebec based site regarding abuse of children and families by child protection agencies in the province of Quebec. No state in the western world removes, by force, as many children from parents as Quebec. Per capita, Quebec removes 2.5 times the number of children as Sweden, 6 times as many as Great Britain, and 17 times the number in Spain.

A site from the U.S. about abuse of children and families by child protection workers.

A site about mothers who have lost their children because of adoption.


Divorce on Line
A site in the U.S. with some good articles, some even written by judges. Also includes an interactive discussion board.


Injustice Busters
A Canadian website dedicated to exposing fraud and corruption in the courts and police services.


Don't Get Married

A website by Marc Perkel who tells about his bad experience with marriage and divorce

Citizen's Against Legal Abuse
An American organization fighting against lawyer fraud and corruption

Orphaned Grandparents Association
A Canadian organization established to offer support to grandparents raising grandchildren and to grandparents and other extended family members who have limited or no access to their grandchildren, nieces and nephews..

Halt - Americans for legal reform
Supported by 50,000 private citizens, HALT, America's largest and oldest legal reform organization, is dedicated to the principle that all Americans should be able to handle their legal affairs simply, affordably and equitably.

Knights Radio
A continuing 24 hours a day, 7 days and nights a week, 365 days a year, the KRightsRadio broadcasts programs to every home and heart in our nation to protect and ensure the absolute rights of parents and their children.

Jail 4 Judges
A link to a U.S. program in California which removes Judges for misconduct and other breaches of the law.  Links to Judicial Watch, a program similar to Court Watch.  It would appear that people not only in Canada but in the U.S.A. are getting ready to take back their justice system for the benefit of the people, not the judges and lawyers.

Fathers for life
A Canadian Organization which focuses on issues relating to men, fathers and the destruction of children and families by the courts and various government funded agencies.

The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform
An organization from the US formed in 1991 that works to bring improvements to legislation for child protection agencies

Government of Canada Website
Find out about your government. Has links to the list of Members of Parliament, business of the day, and other information.

Elections Canada Website
Find out who the Members of Parliament are and the boundaries of their ridings.  You may also find out who the candidates were in the last election.

Justice for Families - U.S.A.
Justice For Families provides support and advocacy for families unjustly targeted by Child "Protective" Services. JFF is independent, non-profit, and is not affiliated with any agencies.

Karen Selick, Family Law Lawyer from Belleville, Ont.
A link to the site of Karen Selick, a family law lawyer out of Belleville, Ont..  Karen is very outspoken in the area of family law and is not afraid to speak the truth.

Real Women of Canada
General information about many issues affecting children and families by Canada's largest women's group.

Attorney General's Office of Ontario
General information about the provincial courts of Ontario, the Family Responsibility Office, etc. etc.

Guide to the Ontario Courts
A source of valuable information about our courts.  It also has a list of Ontario judges by judicial district.

Canadian Law List 2000
A Canadian database of all of the judges and lawyers, their prospective law firms and the year they were called to the bar, etc. Information you may find helpful before hiring a lawyer.

Children's Justice Website (U.S.A.)
An interesting site in the United States that deals with justice for children and their families.

Nolo Press (U.S.A.)
A website with free legal information, articles, books, etc.

Florida Court - live television feed
See the workings of the Florida Court - Live on TV.  This may be the wave for the future in Canada as well.  We must praise Florida's attempt to open up their courts and to help make the system more accountable.  Hopefully, one day, videotaping of court proceedings will be an everyday event where people in court can obtain a reliable copy of the proceedings before they are checked over and altered by the judges and court reporters.

Judicial Watch
A U.S. based citizens organization watching over the courts in the United States of America

Canadian Human Rights Law Centre
Information and links concerning human rights and the law in Canada


Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms