Canada Court Watch - Family Justice Review Committee
Policy and Position Statements

Note: Currently this link page is under construction.

Based on input from many concerned citizens from various parts of Canada, The  Family Justice Review Committee has began the long task of posting  its  position statements in regards to various aspects of the criminal and family justice systems.  Position statements will be formulated based on discussion amongst members of the Family Justice Review Committee and Canada Court Watch as well as upon information gathered from  concerned citizens in the community, research and investigations of injustices that have been reported by citizens in the community.

If you would like the Family Justice Review Committee to develop a policy statement in regards to an issue involving the justice system, or if you are a member of any of the groups or organizations listed below and would like to see modifications to our existing policies then please direct your inquiry through e mail or phone.  All requests are discussed by our policy committee and in most cases put out for public discussion and input.  Written submissions or oral submissions in person before our committee are welcomed.

Position statements:

Position Statements under development

  • Imputing of income based on standard of living and spending patterns for child support purposes

  • Doctors, psychologists, social workers, custody assessors

  • The Federal Child Support Guidelines

  • Custody and Access issues for children of divorce including access denial

  • Child support collection agencies (such as FRO)

  • Police and Crown Attorney

  • Domestic Violence

  • Office of the Children's Lawyer

  •  Court administration

  • Canadian Judges - both Federal and Provincial

  • Perjury in the family court system

  • Presence of children as witnesses in the courtroom

  • Videotaping of children by professionals and court related agencies

Last updated January 2006