Canada Court Watch - Family Justice Review Committee
Policy and Position Statements

In matters relating to the custody of children affected by separation or divorce (Under Public Review)

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It is the position of the Family Justice Review Committee:

That children have a God-given right to have meaningful relationship with both of their parents after divorce and that upon separation or divorce of the parents, that there should be a rebuttable presumption in Law of joint custody of the children to both parents.

In the event that parents are unable to agree to an access schedule for a child, that  a child's  access to his/her parents be divided equally upon separation and divorce until such time as the parents either voluntarily agree to an arrangement or until such time as compelling evidence would show that it is not in the best interest of the child for access to be equally shared.

No child have have his/her relationship or access time to a parent interfered with because of conflict or abuse between parents or because of allegations of abuse.

Where abuse is alleged against a family member, the matter should be immediately moved into a criminal court

Should a parent and his/her extended family be unable to provide financially and emotionally for a child and should the parent have to rely on public assistance to support the child, then the opportunity of caring and financially supporting the child shall first be made available to the other parent and extended family upon condition that the parent and/or extending family can meet the minimum requirements needed to financially or emotionally support the child. No child shall be placed on to social assistance unless both parents and families have been given the equal opportunity of providing care and support for the child.