Surviving the horror of Canada's Morally Corrupt Family Court System Clinic

This information clinic, which is a one of a kind in Canada, is a must for those who are entering the family court system or for those who feel that they are getting the run around by lawyers, social workers and judges and want an alternative view from what lawyers and court workers are telling them.  The course is based on training materials assembled by a citizen's group from Canada called "Canadian Families Against Abuse by the Legal Industry"

This clinic will teach you some of the tricks and strategies on how to micro-manage your case yourself which can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.  This 4 to 7 hour clinic is currently taught to small groups or on an individual basis by advocates in various communities and includes an initial review of your court documents and coaching to get your case off in the right direction and to inform you as to what your lawyer should be doing to ensure that you get justice in your case.. Those who want to benefit the most from the clinic are encouraged to take this informative clinic before they find themselves broke or in a difficult situation with their family court matter.  Approximate cost $250 (cost may vary depending on location where clinic is given, number of participants and course instructor)

Link to information brochure (pdf)

If you have a group of people in your area who are interested in attending a clinic or if you would like to set yourself up to teach this clinic in your area then please contact us.  Packages can be arranged where an instructor will come to your local area and teach this workshop to your own group at your own facility. Training will also be provided for those who wish to set themselves up to deliver the clinic in their own geographical area.




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